Canada welcomes Wireless Number Portability

March 13th, 2007

That’s right Canada it’s finally time. As of tomorrow mobile phone clients in Canada can finally move their number to other service providers. This is a big step for Canada and the mobile phone markets. It looks like Canada could get really competitive in the next few days by offering their clients the most value and perks. Wireless Number Portability will also clients to take your number from carrier to carrier (ie. Rogers to Telus) or landline to wireless (vice-versa).

“Wireless Number Portability (WNP) is a wireless consumer’s ability to change service providers within the same general metropolitan area or local calling area and keep their existing phone number. WNP also allows consumers to move a phone number from a wireline phone to a wireless phone (and vice versa). Canada will be the second country in the world (after the US) to offer complete wireless-to-wireless, wireless-to-wireline and wireline-to-wireless portability.”

Formore information about Canada’s wireless number portability please visit

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