Sprint announces Upstage by Samsung

March 27th, 2007

Upstage by Samsung

Sprint has announced the upcoming launch of Upstage by Samsung. Upstage is the CDMA variant of the GSM F300 Ultra Music phone. Upstage comes with a unique MP3 form design. One side of the device is a phone the other a MP3 player. Upstage comes packed with a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD memory card slot, stereo Bluetooth, touch-sensitive media controls and its slim design.

“The UpStage by Samsung is all about innovation and making mobile music easy,” said Oliver Valente, Sprint’s senior vice president of product development. “In an effort to take mobile music to a new level, we focused on optimizing music features and Sprint’s exclusive multimedia content during every step of the development process. Sprint is pleased to offer this revolutionary phone on our powerful high-speed network.”

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    Joey  |  April 12th, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    We just got this phone in and first impressions are really good… unti you start to play with the phone. After as many years as I’ve had in th cell phone industry, I can say that this phone is terrible. The interface design is like they took an analog motorola big bertha, and slapped it together with a sandisk sansa… with 64 megs of storage. What the hell were they thinking? The phone has NO interaction between the two sides, other than a “flip” button, and an indication on the screen saying to flp th phone. To send a text, it is a 8 step process requiring entering th phone number or manually searching th phonebook before even composing it… on a tiny 1/2 by 1.5 inch screen… with a compose area that’s about 2/3 of that! Other mp3 phones let you go from phone to music and back or vice versa… not th upstage. If you wnat to make a phone call, you have to press FLIP, which ENDs the music app, and go do your phone call… to just PLAY music?? It’s a chore using th touch buttons and unintuitive icon only based interface… Once it DOES finally launch th java based mp3 player (omg), it goes online… to access the music on your card… then it enumerates the files. 139 mp3s on a 1gig microSD card took SEVEN MINUTES to count with the phone frozen th whole time, waiting to enumerate the files… and navigating around the music player is WORSE than the Moto ROKR! it’s EXTREMELY sluggish, rediculously easy to accidentally press the wrong touch button, and a pain in the ass to keep playing continuously. And that batterycase? what an idiotic design. NO CLIP on it… yeah. It has a REALLY stiff mechanism tha holds the device with th phone face out… defeating the purpose of using it as an extended battery for the mp3 player!!!!! Open it and it’s really awkward, and you always press buttons on th side accidentally trying to just get it open. If the keypress noises don’t drive you insane, the rigid menu structure will. I am very shocked by this phone, no other samsung of ths generation is this stilted or archaic.

    My recomendation is to go with one of th newer cingular phones, where they are implementing a “task switch” button, like on the CU500 where you can listen to an MP3, browse the web, chat in IM, and play a game simultaneously, and switch between then at th press of a button… and STILL receive… PHONE CALLS omg!

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