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Sony Ericsson k850i on Rogers?

The Sony Ericsson k850i could be making its way to Rogers in the near future. The k850i features HSDPA 3G, a 5 MP auto-focus camera with flashand Bluetooth to name a few.

The rumor also states an introductory price of $199.99 on a three year term and a $7 vision plan. Rogers will also throw in a 8 GB memory card as a bonus.

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White HTC

Bell Mobility has launched a white version of their popular smart phone, which was first released in November. The white version is listed on the Bell website and can be found at Bell stores across the country. Current prices are as follows.
3 year term: $99.99
2 year term: $199.95
1 year term: $349.95
No contract: $399.95

With the HTC Touch you can get unlimited data for only $7/month. At that price for data this phone is a must! Read a review of the HTC Touch on



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While headsets have become very common over the years, I feel they haven’t really reached a point where you aren’t sacrificing something by using them. Typically, the sacrifice you make is sound quality.
The Jawbone headset claims to be “the best rated headset ever”. Is it? Read on.

Make sure you check the gallery here.


The reason the Jawbone headset is named “Jawbone headset” is because it makes contact with your face

Compared with some of it’s competitors, the Jawbone is on the large size. Personally I don’t mind that the Jawbone isn’t super small because it has a nice look to it – it looks more expensive than most headsets.

There are actually 2 buttons located on the side of the headset that faces out. One is underneath the word Jawbone, the other is close to it on the mesh side. There are no dedicated volume buttons.

It’s a little confusing to have 2 buttons so close to each other. You’ll probably need to read the manual and get used to them.

Included in the box is a charger with a USB port on it and a USB to AC adapter. This is nice, if you travel a lot you can charge the Jawbone using the USB port on your laptop and if you’re at home a lot then you can use your wall.

As far as fit goes, I wasn’t crazy about the Jawbone. I found it slightly loose fitting. It won’t fall off your ear but does move around if you move quickly. On the bright side, the Jawbone is relatively comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

The design of the Jawbone is such that it needs part of the front of the headset to touch your face. As such, the earhook is designed to make it so that the headset is arched against your face. It’s the reason why the Jawbone feels slightly loose

The earhook is made from metal (i think) and covered by soft rubber. The part of the earhook that makes contact with the back of your ear is made of rubber that is suspended there. As opposed to the rest of the hook which is metal coated with rubber. This makes the hook more comfortable to wear. Check the gallery out to see what I mean.

You get an assortment of ear hooks and ear pieces. I didn’t find that any of the earpieces that are designed to fit in your ear improve the fit – I preferred the flat one.

The charger is an awkward shape which is good since it means the Jawbone doesn’t have an awkward charging port on it. It plugs into the back of the Jawbone.


The big thing about the Jawbone is its built-in noise cancellation. If implemented properly, it will usually cut out noise that is constant like noise at a mall, inside a train, etc.

I tested the Jawbone with my Motorola ROKR Z6.

Both incoming and outgoing voice quality is a little on the harsh side but it’s good over all. I find most noise canceling headsets alter people’s voices a lot so the Jawbone is good in this regard.

What’s amazing is the noise cancellation for outgoing sound quality. If you’re using the Jawbone in a noisy environment it does an awesome job of eliminating background noise. Maximum ear piece volume was decent. I felt that the Jawbone was limited by the earpiece’s maximum volume rather than it’s ability to cancel noise. To explain further, if you’re in a loud environment you won’t be able to hear the person on the other end before they are able to hear you. Then again you can always ask the person on the other end to yell…


I own maybe 20 Bluetooth headsets and don’t really like any of them. Some have bad sound quality, some are uncomfortable, some are too quiet, etc. Because of this, I tend to only use headsets when I’m at home and have to take a long call.

While the fit could use some work, the Jawbone’s the first headset that I’d seriously consider wearing out of the house. It’s just that good. I’d give it 4.5 Howies out of a possible 5.

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Written by Howard Chui 01.28.2008
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Pink Sony Ericsson w580i

Sony Ericsson w580i PinkThe metro pink w580i is now avaliable on both Rogers and AT&T. The Sony Ericsson slider features a 2.0 MP camera, Walkman player with Shake Control, Bluetooth, and FM radio.

Read a review of the phone here on

Pick up your pink w580i at Rogers for $99.99 on a three year term (with rebates). If you are in the states pick up the metro pink version for $79.99 on a two year term with AT&T after rebates.


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Smartphone Patent Granted!

The United States Patent Office has granted a patent for a “mobile entertainment and communication device”.

A mobile entertainment and communication device in a palm-held size housing has a cellular or satellite telephone capable of wireless communication with the Internet and one or more replaceable memory card sockets for receiving a blank memory card for recording data directly from the Internet and, in particular, musical performances that then can be selectively reproduced by the device for the enjoyment of the user, including both audio and visual recordings and reproductions. The device also includes a camera and microphone for recording images and sound within the range of the device that can be wirelessly transmitted, either selectively or automatically to a remote telephone. Further, the device includes sensors for sensing unusual conditions that may also be transmitted to a remote telephone, together with the location of the device as determined by a GPS section of the device.

As you can see the patent names existing technology and features which makes up any smart phone. As a result Sprint, AT&T, HP, Motorola, HTC, Helio, Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, UTStarcomm, to a few are currently facing lawsuits for patent infringement. We will have to see what transpires from this one.

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YouTube Mobile

YouTube has launched a new version of their mobile site. Millions of videos can now be watched on your mobile device easier than before. The new version has enhanced uploading and sharing features and extends the community from your desktop to your mobile. Access the mobile version from your phone by visiting or download the application to your desktop then transfer it over and install on your phone.
YouTube is a data extensive application. It is recommended that you contact you service provider and subscribe to an unlimited data plan to avoid over charges.

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Pizza Hut Total Mobile Access

Pizza Hut Total Mobile Access

Pizza Hut has introduced a new service which allows customers to simply text their order using their mobile device. In order to use the service you must register your phone number and create a “pizza play list”. Pizza Hut also has an optimized version of their desktop ordering system that can be accessed from you mobile phone.

To find out more information or to register, visit the Pizza Hut website. This feature is only available to residents of the United States.

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Nokia 2600 and Nokia 1209


Nokia has release two new phones geared to clients in “emerging markets”. After surveying the cellphone market in Pakistan and Indian Nokia learned that 50% of those surveyed responded that they currently share or would share the cell phone with their family or friends.



The Nokia 2600 (left) and 1209 (right) are both low cost phones that come with some neat features. The 2600 features a VGA camera, bluetooth, Xpress-On covers (changeable faceplates), and FM radio. The 1209 on the other hand features a flash light, and provides 365 hours of standby time or 7 hours of talk time.

The Nokia 2600 (left) will be shipping this quarter and will retail for $95.
The Nokia 1209 (right) will be shipping next quarter and will retail for $51.


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Samsung Jack

Rogers Wireless has officially launched the Samsung Blackjack II today, January 21. The Samsung Jack, as Rogers calls it, is now listed on the Rogers website.

Current prices are as follows.
$299.99 on 3 year promo (voice and data)
$349.99 on 3 year voice only
$349.99 on 3 year data only
$399.99 no contract

The Samsung Jack features Windows Mobile 6 with HSDPA, a built-in GPS, and a 2 MP camera to name a few. Pick up Samsung’s first all-in-one device to reach the Canadian wireless market at an Authorized Rogers Dealer .




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Red LG Shine

January 21 has brought a new color of Shine to AT&T. Launched today was a red version of the popular LG Shine. The Shine is now listed on the AT&T website and can be found at AT&T stores across the country.

Current prices are as follows.
2 year term: $149.99
No contract: $299.99


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