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February 2nd, 2008

Voce Wireless, a MVNO of AT&T, has apparently shut down. Customers of the premium provider have reported zero service and being doubled billed for service.

A now unemployed Voce employee posted the following information on Voce Class Action.

First things first, to port out of the “Voce Hybrid” network, you should provide the following information:Carrier name: Voce Wholesale
Bill address: 27599 Riverview Center Blvd. Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Account number: 90210000
PIN (if requested): Not applicable

(We heard from the carrier that the ports were delayed yesterday due to volume, but numbers are being released.)

Regarding the double bills, it is best to contact your credit card company immediately and request a charge back, as it is rumored that the new owners charged cards for service to be provided in February.

Finally, a quick update on what has transpired: Voce was purchased in early January by SunCal Midwest, LLC, represented by Anthony Roselli, Brian Richards and Tom Malanca. The intent of the purchase was for SunCal Midwest to maintain and grow the core Voce business, using its connections with enterprise customers. The new owners have thus far failed to meet their end of the deal, including paying employees and vendors. The prior management of Voce resigned or was shut out by the new owners after the sale. We direct all questions to the current CEO/President of Voce, Brian Richards. He can be reached at brian@voce.com

We are deeply disappointed and sorry for your inconveniences.

Head over to Voce Class Action for further information.


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