Nokia BH-201 Bluetooth Headset Review

May 29th, 2008

It used to be that Bluetooth headsets were geeky toys that very few people used. The growing concern of talking while driving plus the fact that they’ve come down drastically in price has now made headsets a common sight.

Here’s Nokia’s BH-201. It’s a small somewhat stylish headset.

Size-wise the 201 is similar to other headsets – it’s about as small as you want it to be. Any smaller and it gets difficult to use.

There is a small status LED on the inward facing side. I like that it’s small and faces that direction, since it’s more subtle. Unless you’re at a Star Trek convention some don’t find it fashionable to walk around with something glowing in their ear.

There are 3 buttons, a volume rocker switch that moves back to front, an answer button on the outward facing side and a power button on the inward facing side. You can put a lanyard through a hole on the back.

The 201 attaches to your ear using a soft rubber ring that fits just outside the ear canal. It’s fairly easy to put on and doesn’t fatigue your ear that badly.

In my ear, the 201 fits quite securely. Headsets that fit securely are great if you have an active life style (when you run for the bus, run to catch taxi’s, etc.) but they also tend to be more noticeable to the wearer. I found myself adjusting it every couple of hours.

I paired the headset with my Motorola RAZR2 V9. A phone with pretty good sound quality.

Sound quality is okay. I thought it was slightly harsh sounding but it’s not bad. Volume-wise the outgoing was a little on the quiet side; you’ll have to talk up. Incoming was also a little too quiet for my taste.

To test static, I put the headset on my right ear and held my phone with my left hand while I walked around swinging my arms. There was a little bit of static. As long as you keep your phone still (in your pockets) you should be fine static-wise.

Over all the Nokia is about average to slightly above average. I like its subtle design and sensible button layout. It’s easy to put on/remove and has a fairly secure fit plus it’s reasonably comfortable to wear. The fly in the ointment is it’s low volume levels.

Howard Chui

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