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January 15th, 2009

Canada’s Radio-Television and Telecommunications regulator, the CRTC, launched the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) on September 30, 2008 providing Canadians a way to “reduce the number of telemarketing calls (that) you receive”.  Registration on the DNCL is valid for three year and it may take up to 31 days for you number to be “removed” from all telemarketing lists.  Now before you go running over to the DNCL read the rest of the post.


Many who have registered on the DNCL list are reporting not an decrease but an increase of telemarketing calls to registered numbers-myself included.  This influx  is most likely due to the DNCL falling into the “wrong hands”.  Getting your hands on Canada’s Do Not Call List is as easy posing as a telemarketing company.  Once you have secured the list starting call-the list is fresh and contains million of numbers of Canadians across the country.  Not only does the DNCL have a number of exceptions but if the calls originate from outside of Canada-the CRTC has no authority.

If you are getting a few to no telemarketing calls currently I would suggest not registering with the DNCL.  Instead when you do receive a unwanted call kindly let them know that you are not interested and to please add your number to their internal do not call list so they do not call again.  If you have already signed up for the DNCL and are still receiving telemarketing calls ask them kindly to add your number to their internal do not call list and to please not call back.


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    Lesley Cluff  |  February 10th, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    Here’s a new one I wonder if others have heard! Just had a call – we are on the list – so hubby says to the caller, do you not subscribe to the DoNotCall list? He was told that the list no longer exists — get this line–
    The management of the list and list was sold to an outside company which has now gone backrupt so there is no longer a Do Not Call list!
    Anyone who didn’t happen to be within ten feet of the conversation sittingbeside a computer who knows what Google is, might have believed that. Hubby said thank you for that info, please do not call again. I googled it. No such sale or bankruptcy.
    But its a cute story to hand to people! Anyone else heard of this one yet or was it just a creative telemarketer!

    John  |  February 28th, 2009 at 8:40 am

    Lesley, you’re right. The story is absolutely false.

    This is not just misleading. It’s fraudulent. I’d suggest (if you reorded a phone number or company) that you lodge a complaint on the inident on the dncl web site. That is the official site for processing telemarketing complaints. Also see phonebusters for lodging complaints on scams.

    As for getting more telemarketing calls… I get none now. None! BEACAUSE of the dncl. I got a couple of scam calls like everyone else a ouple of months ago. But those calls could have happened with or without the dncl. Those are scam artists. They could have used an autodialer to call me. And thanks to being registered on the dncl I knew that the calls were fraudulent, as did everyone else, and that got things rolling on stopping those guys. The important this is to lodge the complaints. That’s what gets things going. Where a prosecution can happen, telemarketers get fined per complaint!

    Plus you have more rights to prosecute these guys if you are on the list.

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