List Loophole

January 24th, 2009

Since the post I made last week on Canada’s Do Not Call List, National Do (not) Call List, a number of news outlets have commented on the effectiveness of the Do Not Call List.

On Sunday, January 25th Global Television’s Investigative Show, 16×9: The Bigger Picture, will be about just that Canada’s Do Not Call List.  The episode is titled “List Loophole” below is the episode description from the 16×9 website.


List Loophole

Thousands of Canadians say signing up for the “Do Not Call” list has left their phones ringing off the hook. Home phones, and for the first time, cell phones are being bombarded with sales pitches. The list of phone numbers has to be given to the tele-marketers so they know who “not” to call. But as 16:9 uncovers it’s all too easy for anyone to get their hands on that list.

Be sure to tune into your local Global station on Sunday night to catch the episode.
16×9: The Bigger Picture airs Sunday Nights at 6:30pm Eastern Time and Central Time, 7:00pm Pacific Time, Mountain Time, Atlantic Time.

To learn more about 16×9: The Bigger Picture visit the GlobalTV website.


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