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HP iPAQ 910c-Rogers


That is the HP iPAQ 910c, Rogers Wireless newest smart phone.  The 910c features a full qwerty keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, touchscreen (with included stylus), and 3 MP camera.  The standard features we have come to expect on phones these day are also included-GPS, wifi, and Bluetooth.  Check out the launch pricing below:

Source: MobileSyrup


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Public Mobile


Public Mobile is well on its way to start selling cellphone service in Ontario and Quebec by the end of the third quarter this year (Q3 2009).  The Public Mobile network will operate on PCS G Band frequency, which was purchased in the spectrum auction help last year, and will cover almost 19 million Canadians in the Windsor to Quebec City corridor.

Public Mobile was formally known as BMV Holdings which was formed in 2008.

For more information on Public Mobile head over to their website at


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BlackBerry 8100-Fido

We all knew that the BlackBerry 8100 was coming to Rogers’ discount carrier Fido-well today it arrived.  Launch pricing for the outdated Pearl below:

3 year with BlackBerry option or data: $25 (after $100 mail in rebate)
2 year: $350
month to month: $400
prepaid: $400

Well in case the pricing has not scared you away here is the link to buy the Pearl online. Fido’s promotional image for the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl is below.



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BlackBerry 8230-Telus


A leaked document obtained by BlackBerry News shows the BlackBerry 8230, the flip Pearl, listed as “Coming Soon”.  To word yet on pricing or launch date but around the end of the month seems likely.

Source: BlackBerry News


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X-tc Coming to Virgin USA

Virgin Mobile USA is getting ready to launch the X-tc by Kyocera.  The X-tc is has a  full slide out qwerty keyboard, Bluetooth and a 1.3 MP camera.  Launch pricing is rumored to be $99.99 (prepaid) with free activation and ground shipping.  No word yet on official launch date.


Read more about the Kyocera X-tc on the Virgin Mobile USA website.


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BlackBerry Plans-Fido

Fido, a division of Rogers Wireless, has launched BlackBerry plans for personal usage.  No BlackBerry 8100 Pearl yet-but should be around the corner.  Check out the images below for plan details.




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(201) 867-5309

The phone number made popular by the hit song “Jenny” written by Alex Call and Jim Keller but performed by Tommy Tutone is up for auction on eBay.  A Blast Entertainment, a DJ company in NYC, owns the 201 area code of “Jenny’s” phone number.  Auction details below:

Selling my DJ company with the most famous phone number in HISTORY….  867-5309!

Company: A Blast Entertainment Inc.

Phone: (201) 867-5309

This is one of the LAST remaining 867-5309 numbers in service. Receives between 8,000-10,000 Calls Per Year!!

***Many callers have informed me that I’m one of the only remaining 867-5309 numbers in service after attempting every area code in the US.***

Number is registered with Vonage (internet) phone company and is easily transferred with a simple modem that I will mail to you. All of the account transfer details are done easily online.

Works Anywhere in the US !!

Contact me with any questions @

FREE Overnight Shipping!

After 122 bids the number is already fetching $400, 100.00!  At that price its a good thing he included the DJ company and overnight shipping for free.

Source: eBay


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New 3G Network-Canada

An “available network scan” performed by “Treatz” on a Rogers BlackBerry Bold at 1:01 AM on February 2nd revealed a new 3G network-”302-6403G”.  A similar scan preformed in the same area during the day did not turn up the network so testing must be occurring during the night.  Check out the image below:


Could this be Telus/Bell’s new HSDPA network which is rumored to be launch by 2010-time will tell.

Source: HowardForums


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Palm Centro Launches-Bell

As we reported on January 28th the Palm Centro is now available through Bell Mobility.


The Palm Centro features a full qwerty keyboard (with gel keys), 1.3 MP camera (2x digital zoom), Bluetooth, 128 MB storage (with compatibility of up to 4 GB).

Launch pricing as follows:

3 year term: $49.95
2 year term: $249.95
1 year term: $349.95
no term: $399.95


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Plan Changes-Virgin Mobile (Canada)

Virgin Mobile Canada has increased its postpaid rate plans today an average of 17%.  That increase is on top of a new $35 activation fee and an increase on bundle pricing.


The $25 myStarter is a new plan but the $30, $40, and $50 rate plans all saw an increase of $5 with the $60 plan unchanged.  The $10 feature bundle (includes caller id and voicemail) has been increased to $11.  The $15 bundle is now $18 and the $20 bundle is now $22, the $25 bundle remains unchanged.

Check out all the price increases at Virgin Mobile.  Discuss the increases on HowardForums.


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