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Bell Mobility Changes

A few changes will be coming to Bell Mobility March 13th according to HowardForums member MacD.

System Access Fee
-decrease to $6.95
-for consumer and small business accounts on new activations
-existing clients must activate a second line or renew contract

Paper Bill Fee
-increase to $2.00

-no Systems Access Fee
-911 fee decrease to $0.75

-consumer and small business clients paying $8.95 SAF before March 13 will get 10 bonus local minutes until a hardware upgrade, service renewal, or SLO is made on the account.

Source: HowardForums


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Screw You Recession


Last month we told you about Virgin Mobile Canada’s new marketing campaign “Screw You Recession”, well today the site was launched by VMC.

The recession sucks. We know it, you know it. So what are we going to do about it? Well, we’ve decided not to take this whole thing lying down. That’s right. We’re not gonna take it… no, we’re not gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it anymore.

We say “screw you recession!”

We tried screaming that for a while, and nothing really happened. Well, nothing that helped us save any cash. So we decided to put together this blog. This is recession central. A place to find the best recession links combed from the web, swap and learn tips on how to save a buck, vent a little if you’re feeling angry, and team up with other like-minded recessionistas and trade info on how to be cheap. Cool and kick ass – but cheap. In 2009 cheap is the new chic.

The Screw You Recession blog is updated regularly by two Virgin Mobile employees-Mandi Ashford, Public Relations, and Jeremy Elder, Marketing Copywriter.

Head over to to start saving money.


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Samsung r211

Cricket, an US CDMA Provider, has launched the Samsung r211.


Introducing the new Samsung R211! This stylish phone is full of what you need to stay connected and for a price that doesn’t break the bank. With the R211 you can access Mobile Web to browse online and download ringtones and graphics to customize your profile. Play the latest games and download applications with Cricket Games&Apps. The Contact Directory is so robust, you can actually save multiple entries for up to 500 contacts. Treat yourself to the new Samsung R211 – you can’t afford not to!

The basic bar phone costs $69.00 after a $20 web discount.  Head over to Cricket to learn more.

Source: EngadgetMobile


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25,000+ iPhone Apps

There are now 25,000 applications available through the Apple App Store.  Below are some interesting stats obtained by mocoNews.


-10,274 apps cost $0.99
-6,044 apps are free
-80% of iPhone apps are under $2.00
-5,263 gaming apps available
-least popular app-weather related
-at least $71,000 to buy every application

Source: MobileSyrup


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Palm Treo Pro-Alltel

Alltel Wireless has launched the Palm Treo Pro.  Just like Bell’s Treo Pro it features a 2.0 MP camera, touch LCD screen, Bluetooth, chat style text messaging, and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with Windows Media Player.

$519.99 (retail price)
-$195.00 (online discount)
-$125.00 (mail in rebate)
$199.99 (sale price)


Now you can respond to business and personal email, stay on top of appointments and contacts, and use Wi-Fi or GPS when you’re out and about. Thanks to Palm shortcuts, a full keyboard and a large color touchscreen, the Treo Pro is simply effortless to use.

Source: Boy Genius Report


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Just Hang Up

We have all gotten those calls to extend our vehicle warranty or increase our credit-limit and most of us just hang up.  Well due to the increase of fraud-related emails and phone calls Telus is reminding you to hang up on the scammers.  Telus advises not to give personal information over the phone or through and e-mail even if it seems legitimate.


Source: Edmonton Journal
Image: Dakota’s Photos.’s via Flickr


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BlackBerry Pearl Flip Pulled From Shelves

Bell Mobility just launched the BlackBerry Pearl Flip last week and has already pulled the device from retail locations.  Early adopters don’t worry-you will not need to return your beloved 8230-a simply firmware update should do the trick.

Existing customers should be receiving a text message on their Pearl Flip informing them that an update is available. Retail locations will be exchanging existing stock for devices with the new firmware.  Neither Research in Motion nor Bell Mobility has made public the reason for the software upgrade.  However a software glitch may explain why Telus is holding off launching their Pearl Flip


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LG Neon

Wow-look at Rogers go!  The LG Neon is Rogers’ third device to be launched in the past 24 hours.  Like the Samsung Gravity and the Samsung Propel the TE365 is avaliable in both grey and pink.

Much like the Gravity and Propel the Neon features a slide out qwerty keyboard.  The Neon allows you to keep in touch through SMS, MMS, and instant messaging (WLM or Y!M).  A 2.0 MP is on the back side of the touch screen, which can only be used for dialing.  Bluetooth, a built in MP3 player, and FM radio round out this basic phone.


Pricing for the LG Neon (TE365):
3 year term: $79.99 – $50 (instant rebate) = $29.99
2 year term: $79.99
1 year term: $149.99
monthly term: $199.99

Head over to Rogers website to learn more on the grey or pink LG Neon.


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Samsung Propel

Rogers has added another Samsung qwerty phone to its lineup.  The Samsung Propel is now available in two color combinations: blue/black and red/white.  The Propel feature a full qwerty keyboard, 1.3 MP camera, WLM and Y!M instant messaging, and Bluetooth.


The Samsung Propel will set you back:
3 year: $99.99 – $50.00 (instant rebate) = $49.99
2 year: $99.99
1 year: $199.99
monthly: $249.99

Head over to Rogers to learn more or to purchase the device.

Blue/Black Samsung Propel
Red/White Samsung Propel


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Samsung Gravity

Rogers Communication Inc. has added the Samsung Gravity to its device lineup.


As you can see both the t456 is available in either white or grey. Feature wise you are looking at a slide out qwerty keyboard,1.3 MP camera, Rogers MobileMail email client, expandable memory up to 4GB, and support for either WLM or Y!M instant messaging clients.

Pricing for the Samsung Gravity (t456):
3 year term: $79.99-$50.00 (instant consumer rebate)=$29.99
2 year term: $79.99
1 year term: $149.99
no term: $199.99

Head over to the Rogers’ website to learn more or to purchase.
Samsung Gravity Grey
Samsung Gravity White


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