Attention Rogers and Fido iPhone users: Get a 3Gs at a discounted price

June 18th, 2009

Rogers and Fido are running a special offer for existing customers who wish to upgrade to the new iPhone 3Gs.

Rogers customers:

1) If you got an iPhone between July 11th and Sept 30th and spend at least $100 a month then you can get $500 off an iPhone 3Gs if you tack an extra year onto your contract. So you can get a 16GB 3Gs for $199 and a 32GB 3Gs for $299. This offer expires July 31st 2009.

2) If you got an iPhone between July 11th and Dec 31st and don’t spend $100 a month then you get $250 off if you tack an extra year on your contract. So, 16GB 3Gs for $449 and 32GB 3Gs for $549. This offer expires July 31st 2009.

3) If the first 2 scenarios aren’t you or you don’t want another year on your conract you can upgrade to an iPhone at Rogers’ cost + $19. So, 8GB 3G for $59916GB 3Gs for $680 or 32GB 3Gs for $799.

Fido Customers:

You can use your FidoDollars to buy a new 3Gs and Fido will take another $100 off. You don’t have to extend your contract to get this.

The 6GB/$30 data plan is also back until July 31st for Rogers and Fido iPhone (and Rogers Android phone) customers.

So, is the glass half full or is it half empty? If you absolutely must have the new 3Gs and don’t mind another year on your contract it’s not so bad. Just remember that while the new 3Gs is a definite improvement over the 3G, Apple’s going to keep releasing new iPhones that will probably be better than the previous version.

On the other hand, we’re going to have some new wireless entrants coming late this year, early next so it might be best to sit back and see what happens.

Still, Rogers doesn’t normally run promotions like this so if you don’t plan on going anywhere give it some though.

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