Got my Apple iPhone 3Gs

July 1st, 2009


So I got a 3Gs the other day. Here are some miscellaneous thoughts:

It’s faster; I never thought that the 3G was a slow phone but the super fast iPhone is even faster now. Even if you’re just someone who texts, checks emails and surfs the web you’ll notice the speed difference if you’re upgrading from a 3G. Then again, many may find that they don’t need the extra speed that badly.

The camera is more usable now though it still struggles indoors (albeit it struggles less) if there isn’t enough light. The shape of the iPhone and on screen shutter button make it kind of hard to hold steady. Make sure you use something to help stabilize the 3Gs when using it indoors.

The compass is kind of neat, if you’re roaming it can be a cheap way to figure out where you are. If you’re in the city and see people standing around making figure 8′s with their iPhones they have 3Gs’ and are trying to calibrate them.

Voice dialing works alright so far… When the voice dialing talks to you it’s fairly loud. This is nice since you’ll probably be using it in a car. I need to test this more.

Battery life is still pretty poor. That said most HSDPA smartphones are like this and many aren’t as powerful as the iPhone.

There is now a dedicated 3D chip (to go with the more powerful CPU). You’ll notice this when you play games and when people ask you about  the battery life.

The form factor hasn’t changed from the 3G so any cases you might already own for it will fit the 3Gs. Good stuff Apple! The 3Gs’ button seems a little stiffer than my 3G’s and the buttons on the sides seem to have a harder edge.

All in all the 3Gs is a nice incremental upgrade. If you already have a 3G and are happy with it I’d pass on the 3Gs unless you can get a really good deal on one.

If you’re the type of person who has to buy everything Apple releases you probably already own one. If you like the 3G but which it had a better camera or are someone who found the 3G lacking in speed go buy the 3Gs.

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