Nokia 5800XM in the house

July 2nd, 2009

So I just a 5800XM on Rogers today.

While I don’t like having to use a stylus the included guitar shaped stylus is cute and plays in well with the whole Xpress Music theme. Maybe the next version will come with a minature drum stick…

The 5800 is narrower than say an iPhone or Blackberry Storm but at the same time it’s thicker. Personally I find it makes the 5800XM easier to hold but at the same time it makes the screen feel cramped. You win some and you lose some.

While the 5800 comes with 2 stylii (the guitar pick plus a regular stylus) Nokia intends for you to be able to use the 5800 with just your finger. I wish the screen was a little more ‘slippery’ like the screen on the iPhone. So it doesn’t feel as nice when sliding my finger around on the 5800′s screen. Still, a few pizzas or a bucket of fried chicken should help me get some grease on the screen so it feels more smooth.

There are 2 speakers on the left side. While I’m used to Nokia including good speakers on their phones the 5800′s is really good. It’s loud and relatively full bodied sounding. Still, they’re small speakers so don’t expect miracles, just expect better than when you can get elsewhere.

The 5800 runs Nokia’s S60 user interface, the same one that powers most of their other smartphones (from 3650 to n96). The difference is that the 5800′s is a touchscreen version. While I’m able to use it just fine the user interface feels slightly broken. You see when you’re navigating top level menus you can select items by tapping on them (so far so good). However, some menu items require you to double tap them to select them, tapping them once only highlights them.

Entering text  is another strange thing. There are 2 keyboards; one is a tiny keyboard that you have to use a stylus with. The other is a full screen keyboard that’s so ‘full screen’ that it hides the program you’re working on. It’s really weird.

There’s a button above the top right corner of the screen. Pressing it pulls up a ‘ribbon’ – (Office 2007 anyone?) which lets you quickly launch the music player, browser, pictures, etc). It’s a nice feature.

Anyways, those are my first impressions. I’ll have a review up later.

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    Nokia 5800XM in the house&hellip  |  July 2nd, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    [...] 1 votes vote Nokia 5800XM in the house So I just a 5800XM on Rogers today. While I don’t like having to use a stylus the included [...]

    Anonymous  |  July 7th, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    Can you use Wifi on rogers version?

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