Apple “Launches” iPhone 3GI

July 29th, 2009

Apple has released its most revolutionary iPhone to date, say hello to the iPhone 3GI.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the 3GI in front of a packed auditorium earlier today.  Jobs describes the 3GI as the “lightest and slimmest model ever” and the “most handsome product” Apple has ever designed.

The newest iPhone boasts significant software and hardware upgrades, multi-touch interface, and superior processing speeds.  The updated wide-screen display has the finest resolution and most the brilliant colors.  Senior vice president Philip Schiller says the 3GI is “as light as air” and is so thin “it’s like it’s not even there.”


At $599 the iPhone 3GI sports a HD video camera, one-tap editing with Final Cut Pro, and cut/copy/paste.  The feature list is never ending, just imagine what you want your 3GI to do and it will obey your command.  The 3GI is so innovative that it can only be seen by the company’s hippest and most dedicated customers.


Read the full story on the ONION-America’s Finest News Source.


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