HUP Upgrade Changes-Rogers Wireless

August 15th, 2009

Rogers Wireless is changing the eligibility of its HUP program.

Effective August 21, 2009, a minimum tenure of 24 months since initial activation or last upgrade will be required before a customer is eligible to participate in the hardware upgrade program.  This change aligns all upgrades (voice, voice to data and data to data) with the current data to data HUP policy.

According to the internal bulletin, Rogers is implementing the change to the HUP for two reasons.

  • Rogers Wireless heavily invests in providing the latest data devices at affordable prices to our data customers. This update to the Hardware Upgrade Program is designed to offer a consistent upgrade eligibility to an outstanding selection of the most advanced devices for the best value.
  • In addition to the outstanding selection of available devices, there has also been improved level of quality and technology that has gone into the line-up over the past years allowing a longer hardware lifespan.
  • I always love reading companies internal documentations as there is always a few sentences that give you a good chuckle.  Take this one from the Rogers’ bulletin for example.

    This change also reinforces the importance of explaining to customers that HUP eligibility and quoted hardware/plan pricing are subject to change without notice and cannot be guaranteed beyond the time of quotation.

    To me that paragraph means that Rogers’ is implementing the new HUP policy to remind consumers who is in charge.  The change has nothing to do with devices costing more or the “longer hardware lifespan” it is just another way Rogers can make an easy buck.

    As mentioned earlier in the post, the updated HUP upgrade policy is effective August 21st and will only apply to regular consumers, business accounts will not be affected.  I recommend if you are considering upgrading you current Rogers’ device you do so before August 21st because even though you may have been eligible for an upgrade you may no longer be able to under the new policy.


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      DH  |  August 16th, 2009 at 12:30 pm

      That is going to suck for people who TOR, without knowing that their eligibility is reset. Wonder if save upgrades will be affected, as I know Customer Relations overspent on hardware last year. Or people who sign up for a 3 year term using their own phones, now if their phone breaks down, they have to buy in lsb or retail.

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