Rogers changes SAF – but first you have to switch your plan

September 22nd, 2009

Starting Oct 5th new Rogers customers along with existing ones who migrate to new billing plans will get call forwarding, call manager and WhoCalled included with thier plans.

Instead of a $6.95 SAF customers will now see something called ‘Government Regulatory Recovery Fee’ . It varies based on the government fees where customers live. Apparently this isn’t really a new fee – Rogers is saying they’re just being more transparent about it now.

Rogers is saying that your total bill will remain about the same after these changes.

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    Cris  |  October 23rd, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    First of it’s pretty shameful for Rogers to attempt to fool the public into thinking that they’re getting a better deal. You first have to switch your plan to a new plan that is the same plan you have except it’s $5 more. So for me in BC I have a Blackberry 8900 with the $45 plan for Blackberry smartphone. Now that plan is $5 more so add $5+$2.58 (BC GRRF) and the total is $7.58. I haven’t switched because it’s pointless paying the $6.95+$0.50 is $7.45 and 100min more and all of the same. Rogers has tried a nice one, but for all of those who think they’re getting a deal you’re not you’re paying the same amount you’ve been paying all along, they’ve just added it to the bill as part of the plan cost and not a fee. Fees=Bad Company Publicity, this is why Rogers calls it GRRF (Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) but it has nothing to to do with the government of Canada, they should be honest and just call it a fee.

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