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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Coming to Canada

The big three (Rogers, Bell, Telus) have announced they will be bringing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to Canada.

The 9700 features a 2.44″ screen, 3.2 MP camera, wifi, and GPS.  In addition to the previous mentioned features, the 9700 replaces the roller ball with a track pad.

The Bold 2 will be  in the starting lineup for Bell and Telus’ new HSPA network, which should be ready for use in November.  The 9700 should be up for sale in November in around the $300 price mark on a 3 year term with data.


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Koodo Mobile Shipping Masterpiece and VE440

As we told you last week, Koodo Mobile will be releasing three new CDMA devices in the coming weeks.  Looks like the LG Masterpiece and Motorola VE440 will launch on October 26th, according to our Koodo insider.  Both devices were shipped out to retail locations Monday, October 19th-so they should arrive in time for the 26th launch date.

As stated in the previous post, each devices will set you back $125 or $0 with a 125 Tab.  More information and specs will be published once the devices are officially launched.


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AT&T Release White BlackBerry Bold


AT&T has released a white version of the popular BlackBerry Bold.  Like the black Bold, the white one will also feature a 2MP camera, 802.11 b/g wifi, Bluetooth, and 3G high speed voice and data.  Pricing below:

No Commitment Pricing $449.99
2-yr Contract Price $299.99
Total Due Today $299.99
Mail-in Rebate via AT&T Promotion Card† - $100.00
Price After Mail-in Rebate $199.99
You Save $250.00

Requires purchase of a $30/mo data service. 2 year contract & new activation required.


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Koodo Mobile Q4 Info

According to our Koodo Mobile ninja the discount brand will be launching three new devices in time for the fourth quarter.

LG Masterpiece (~$125)


Motorola VE440 (~$125)


Samsung Intensity U450 (~$200)


It will be interesting to see if Koodo Mobile will be staying with CDMA or moving onto the newly created HSPA network.


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TELUS and Bell launch HSPA network. TELUS and Bell to offer the iPhone starting in November

TELUS and Bell have launched their HSPA network.

Also, ending months of speculation and ending Roger’s iPhone exclusivity both TELUS and Bell have announced that they will be offering the  iPhone 3G and 3Gs starting in November. Details on that to come later.

You can sign up for updates from TELUS here.

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Rogers Launches BlackBerry 8520 Curve


Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of the BlackBerry, and Rogers Wireless are pleased to announce the launching of the BlackBerry 8520 Curve.  The all new BlackBerry Curve features:

•Trackpad–The first Blackberry with an optical trackpad, the Curve 8520 makes navigation easy
•Dedicated external media keys -access your multimedia easily and instantly
•Social Networking –If you prefer Facebook®, Flickr, Twitter or love them all, the Curve 8520 will keep you connected to all your social networks
•2.0 MP camera with video capture
•Large, Colorful Screen –Your life on-the-go –the way it was meant to be seen
•Out of the Box Mac Computer Support –Make the Mac connection
•Built-in Wi-Fi(Supports TalkSpot™)
•World Phone –Quad Band EDGE with Stereo Bluetooth™


The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is launching at the following price points:

3 year: $99.99 (voice and data)
3 year: $349.99
2 year: $399.99
1 year: $399.99
no term: $449.99


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Simplified International Roaming Rates

Telus Mobility is simplifying international roaming rates as of November 5, 2009.  The new rates for text messaging and calls outside of North America only apply to select smartphone models (Moto A840, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Snap, BlackBerry 8830, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Tour).

Text Messaging
outgoing messages: $0.60/message (no change)
incoming messages: $0.60/message (was $0.35/message)

Calls Outside of North America
The number of calling zones have been reduced from five to three.  Also flat per minute rates have been introduced for each zone, before there was different rates for “incoming calls”, “in-country calls”, and “calls to US/Canada”.

Western Europe: $2.00/minute
Eurasia, Middle East, Oceania, Caribbean, & Latin America: $3.00/minute
Africa: $4.00/minute


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Cottage goers rejoice! Rogers unveils the Rocket Hub


The Rocket Hub is basically a combination WiFi Router/HSPA Modem. I appears to be the Ericsson W35:

From reading the webpage it has Tri-band HSPA, 802.11b/g (no N), ethernet ports, a RJ11 jack (a phone jack) and a USB port. While there is a battery it’s only for the telephone jack. So you’ll have to plug it into an AC source to really use it. So while it’s portable it’s not really meant to be mobile.

Service starts at $35 a month, no word on the details of the plan or how much the hardware will cost.

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Rogers prepping for new Competition with new HUP offer

If you’re a Rogers voice only customer and it’s been more than 12 months since you activated/last upgraded to a new phone then you’re eligible to upgrade again. Please note that this will extend your contract to 3 years, basically you’d be starting a new contract.

While it’s a nice offer remember that there’s new competition around the corner in Wind Mobile, DAVE and Public Mobile.

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