WIND to Release New Data Plans

May 2nd, 2010

We have been tipped off that WIND Mobile is getting to launch two new data plans to their current offerings.  For $20/month you will receive 500MB of data while $10/month will net you 50MB.  The 500MB plan is available on all devices, while the 50MB add-on cannot be used with BlackBerry devices.

Infinite BlackBerry $35/mo.:
- Unlimited Internet, Email, Social and Instant Messaging.
- No overage tariffs since there is no limit to use data

Charged BlackBerry $20/mo.:
- 500MB of data – for heavy BlackBerry users
- Enough to get you daily about 500 emails with several pages attachment in
word/excel/pdf, browse about 500 web pages and get about 500 instant messages

Social BlackBerry $10/mo.:
- Unlimited Instant Messaging, Facebook and MySpace
- Social BlackBerry add-on does not offer access to Internet

Other Data
Infinite – $35/mo.: Unlimited data
- For those who are serious about mobile internet
- No overage tariffs since there is no limit to use data

Charged – $20/mo.: 500MB of data
- For frequent use of mobile internet
- Enough to get you about 300 emails / day or browse 150 web pages / day

Social – $10/mo.: 50MB of data
- For regular use of mobile internet
- Enough to get you about 1000 emails, or browse about 500 web pages on your phone

Follow the “more” link for exclusive images of the internal documents.


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    Yotang  |  May 5th, 2010 at 2:49 am

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    Third, it is also very good for video playback, which can play out very clear and smooth pictures. Note: If your Video Format is larger than 240 * 320, then you should use Formatfactory software to convert it into 240 * 320 format, so it can play correctly.

    Fourth, it has the much high cost performance. In our side you only should pay $174 to get it.

    From : Batteries&hellip  |  May 5th, 2010 at 10:47 am

    [...] told you first about WIND’s plans to release a new data plans in the coming days.  Well, today is the day [...]

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