WIND Releases New Data Plans

May 5th, 2010

We told you first about WIND’s plans to release a new data plans in the coming days.  Well, today is the day that they went live and are exactly what we predicted they would be.

Social Mobile: $10/month
Social Mobile comes with 50MB of data a month. What does 50 mobile megabytes look like? For most people, that’s enough for around 50 text-only emails/day + 2 emails with attachments/day + browse 5 web pages/day + stream 5 minutes of + download 2 songs or applications/month.
Extra data is 20 cents/MB.

Charged Mobile: $20/month
Charged Mobile gets you 500MB of data a month – enough for about 100 text-only emails/day + 5 emails with attachments/day + browse 50 web pages/day + stream 15 minutes of + download 10 songs or applications/month. Should keep you out of trouble for a while, eh?
Extra data is 4 cents/MB.

Social BlackBerry: $10/month
Chat and post morning, noon and night at one sweet price: UNLIMITED Facebook®, MySpace™, BlackBerry® Messenger, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, Google® Talk, and AIM®
Best of all? No contracts! Choose any voice plan, stay as long as you want – no ands, ifs or buts – and absolutely no penalties.

Charged BlackBerry: $20/month
Get 500MB of data, which is good for just about 250 text-only emails/day + 30 emails with attachments/day + browse 100 web pages/day + send 1000 BBM messages/day + stream 30 minutes of + download 10 songs or applications/month.
WiFi is available with this add-on, and extra data is 4 cents/MB.

Ken Campbell, Chief Executive Officer comments on the new plans through a statement on the WIND community.

Thanks to your suggestions and some great work from the WIND team, as of today we’re expanding our selection of data add-ons for all phones. As many of you have suggested, we think this expansion of data options gives a good range of choice for light, medium and heavy users and offers great value for all types of customers.

Head over to your nearest WIND store or call customer care at 1-877-80-WIND-1 (1-877-809-4631) to change or order a new data package.


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