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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S

I recently had a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s most noticeable feature is it’s amazing Super AMOLED display. It’s hands down the best display I have ever seen on a phone. I used to think the AMOLED display on my Nexus One was good and the SE X10a had a decent LCD. The SE10a looks really washed out compared to the Galaxy S, same with the Nexus One to a lesser degree. Compared to the Nexus one the Galaxy S’ display is quite usable in bright sunlight and it’s a lot less reflective.

Other things I noticed were that the Galaxy S’ 1Ghz processor (it’s NOT a 1Ghz Snapdragon, apparently it’s quite similar to the processor in the iPad and upcoming iPhone 4G) is very snappy. While I didn’t use the Galaxy S long it did feel much more snappy than my SE X10a and Google N1 both of which have 1Ghz Snapdragons.

The camera has 5mp of resolution but it can also capture high def (720p) video. Watch the video in high definition on YouTube. The video quality was okay.

The Galaxy S has Samsung’s Android customizations including some extra Samsung Widgets plus the bottom row of icons persists throughout the main menu (like the iPhone) which is useful since I don’t’ like hunting for the phone app on my N1 and X10a. There will be some social networking app from Samsung also but it wasn’t loaded onto the Galaxy S I tested.

All in all I can’t wait for the Galaxy S to be released. I will definitely getting one.

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Hands on with Samsung’s Bada Smartphone operating system

Here’s Samsung’s Bada smartphone operating system. You’re probably asking yourself what the point of another smartphone operating system is. The way I see it it’s basically Samsung’s way of paying less royalties so that they can sell Bada phones cheaper than Windows Phone 7, Android, etc phones. It’s also a necessary as Samsung adds  features to their feature phones (dumb phones). Basically the dumb phone is getting smarter.

The Wave is actually a midrange phone, check out it’s nice OLED display. It also has a 1Ghz processor and a 5 megapixel camera.

Here are some of my Bada impressions: The Wave is fast! I’m not sure how Bada will run on slower processors but on the Wave it’s really really responsive. I was impressed with the social networking integration; instead of just having a separate program handling it social networking Bada can sync your phonebook and calendar with Facebook for example. The browser supports multiple windows and renders pages quickly. It also has multitouch support.

Anyways it looks like Samsung will helping lower the price point for those who want a smartphone in the future but can’t afford one.

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Samsung i5801 hands on

Here’s the Samsung i5801. It’s a very entry level Android 2.1 powered phone. Unlike the Galaxy, Galaxy Spic, Galaxy S the i5801 has a 240×400 (I think) multitouch display. There’s not a lot of built in storage (around 300MB) but you can use MicroSDHC cards. Apparently it might have Bluetooth 3.0, it also has wifi, gps, etc. You also get a 3mp camera with a qvga (320×240) video recording. Really it’s a regular Android phone with a cheaper display and a blinging chrome finish.

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Solo Mobile Releases LG 230

It appears parent company, Bell Mobility Inc., has decided to bring out the defibrillator and zap Solo Mobile back to life.  The discount carrier has basically been kept out of the spot light since Bell assumed full control over Virgin Mobile Canada.

Today the LG 230 appeared on the Solo Mobile website reviving the all but dead company for a few more months.  The LG 230 is a basic flip phone that will set you back an even $100 if purchase outright or an affordable $25 on a 2 year term.

Buy your LG 230 online or at a Solo Mobile dealer near you.


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Everybody WINDS!

We told you first late yesterday night about a set of new promotions from WIND Mobile.  Well morning has come and WIND has updated their website to reflect these new promotions.

Check out the details for both promotions on the WIND Mobile website and start reducing your phone bill today!


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Bell Mobility Discontinues UMB Plan

Effective May 7th, Bell Mobility will stop selling the Unlimited on Device browsing plan that is currently avaliable for dumb phones.  The UMB plan will be replaced with a 50MB data bucket plan for $15/month.

Customers currently on the Unlimited on Device browsing plan will be allowed to remain on the plan.  If the customers removes UMB they will be unable to add it back to their account.


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New WIND Promotions

Looks like WIND will be announcing two new promotions tomorrow, Thursday May 6th.

The first promotion is for existing WIND customers.  Refer a friend or family member (or even an enemy) and get a free month of service.  Customers will be able to refer up to 6 people netting you a maximum of 6 months of free service.

The second promotion is for new subscribers.  New customers will receive 50% off their voice plans for the first 6 months.  In addition for 50% off voice plans for 6 months, new customers will also be able refer their friends immediately after signing up.

Seems like WIND is starting to get more aggressive before Public and Mobilicity launch.  Check back tomorrow for updates.


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Novatel MiFi 2372 Recalled

MiFi® is your own cloud of connectivity: great for personal and business use providing instant access to email, download large files, and surf the web with your laptop while simultaneously allowing up to five computers or personal devices to be connected. Easily swap and transfer files with built-in microSDHC slot providing expandable storage capacity of up to 16GB.

The Novatel MiFi 2372 is currently being recalled by Bell, Rogers, and Virgin Mobile Canada.  The MiFi 2372 is reportedly experiencing a problem with the battery which causes it to swell resulting in the device malfunctioning.  Customers should be receiving a prepaid envelope from Novatel in the mail to send back their device for servicing.

Bell and Virgin customers will be without their device for 6-8 weeks but will receive a Novatel U998 Turbo Stick to use in the meantime.  Rogers Wireless customers will be without their Rocket Mobile Hotspot for 7-10 business days.  Rogers customers will not be receiving a loaner device but should be receiving a credit to cover a portion of their monthly data costs.

Users of the MiFi 2372 are urged to discontinue use of the device immediately and not to attempt to remove the battery cover to expose the faulty battery.  Novatel is also recommending not to charge the 2372 until it has been returned from servicing.


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Samsung Messenger (Omnia Pro) Unboxing

Here’s the Samsung Messenger aka the Omnia Pro.

It’s a WinMo 6.5 non touchscreen device with a QWERTY keyboard. It has a square 320×320 display so you can view 12 icons at once instead of the usual 8. It also has a 528Mhz processor, 170MB of RAM, ~300MB of storage, MicroSDHC card slot, 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi and BT.

The screen is taller than most non touchscreen WinMo devices and the keyboard is very good.

It’s aimed at business users; it has no 3.5mm headphone jack and there’s no camera flash.

That said I don’t really recommend anyone buy a WinMo 6.5 device and with WinMo 7 around the corner it’s hard to recommend this device to anyone. That said the price is competitive ($0 introductory price on Bell on a 3 year) plus if you need a WinMo phone for work and don’t want a touchscreen then you should consider this one.

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Make Ovi Maps “your own”

So you already have a Nokia device with Ovi Maps which gives you free turn by turn navigation.  The only problem is none of the built-in voice navigators are really doing it for you.  Head over to the Ovi store and download Own Voice, this program allows you to record your own directions or download a voice pack created by another Ovi user like you.

Learn more about Own Voice at Ovi.


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