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WIND Releases New Data Plans

We told you first about WIND’s plans to release a new data plans in the coming days.  Well, today is the day that they went live and are exactly what we predicted they would be.

Social Mobile: $10/month
Social Mobile comes with 50MB of data a month. What does 50 mobile megabytes look like? For most people, that’s enough for around 50 text-only emails/day + 2 emails with attachments/day + browse 5 web pages/day + stream 5 minutes of + download 2 songs or applications/month.
Extra data is 20 cents/MB.

Charged Mobile: $20/month
Charged Mobile gets you 500MB of data a month – enough for about 100 text-only emails/day + 5 emails with attachments/day + browse 50 web pages/day + stream 15 minutes of + download 10 songs or applications/month. Should keep you out of trouble for a while, eh?
Extra data is 4 cents/MB.

Social BlackBerry: $10/month
Chat and post morning, noon and night at one sweet price: UNLIMITED Facebook®, MySpace™, BlackBerry® Messenger, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, Google® Talk, and AIM®
Best of all? No contracts! Choose any voice plan, stay as long as you want – no ands, ifs or buts – and absolutely no penalties.

Charged BlackBerry: $20/month
Get 500MB of data, which is good for just about 250 text-only emails/day + 30 emails with attachments/day + browse 100 web pages/day + send 1000 BBM messages/day + stream 30 minutes of + download 10 songs or applications/month.
WiFi is available with this add-on, and extra data is 4 cents/MB.

Ken Campbell, Chief Executive Officer comments on the new plans through a statement on the WIND community.

Thanks to your suggestions and some great work from the WIND team, as of today we’re expanding our selection of data add-ons for all phones. As many of you have suggested, we think this expansion of data options gives a good range of choice for light, medium and heavy users and offers great value for all types of customers.

Head over to your nearest WIND store or call customer care at 1-877-80-WIND-1 (1-877-809-4631) to change or order a new data package.


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Rogers Expands HSPA+ Network

Rogers Communications Inc. announced that their HSPA+ network is now available to customers in Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg.  Rogers Wireless is the first and currently the only carrier to offer HSPA+ speeds in these three markets.  When connected to the Rogers network with a HSPA+ Rocket Mobile Internet Stick customers should be able to experience download speeds up to 21 Mbps, equivalent to their home internet connection.

Customers in Manitoba, outside of Winnipeg, should be able to access HSPA+ speeds later this year after a province-wide roll out of “world-class wireless technology”.


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Ellen Loves Apple

Apple has had a difficult past few weeks with the premature “release” of the iPhone HD, the next generation of the popular device, on Gizmodo and now a commercial Ellen put together making the iPhone appear “hard to use”.

I personally found the commercial funny and maybe even a tad bit accurate.  I guess the truth hurts, doesn’t it Apple?  Watch the “commercial” and Ellen’s apology below.


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Want your rent paid for a year?

Virgin Mobile Canada wants to help out one lucky student by covering their rent for one year.  Simply head over to the contest page and plug in your details to sign up.

If you’re the popular, fun, creative-type who checks your Facebook more than 20 times a day and knows how to send a really good tweet (hint: “I’m making toast!” won’t cut it) then you’re exactly what we’re looking for.

Virgin Mobile On The House is the summer’s hottest online student competition. The winner will not only rule the school but also get their rent paid for a whole year and we’ll pimp out their house in style.

You have nothing to lose and a years worth of rent paid for to gain, so don’t delay and sign up today.


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Speak Out: Buy a $100 Top-Up Card-get 25% More

Special thanks for long time HowardForums member HC -NO “i” for notification of this Speak Out Wireless promotion.

The last day to purchase your $100 top up card to receive the 25% bonus airtime is May 31st.  All purchased cards must be activated by June 15th in order to get the addition $25 added to your account.


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Last Day for $150 Credit-WIND Mobile

Just a quick reminder that today (May 4th) is the last day to get the $150 port-in credit from WIND Mobile.

To score your $150 simply bring your existing number to WIND no later than closing today.  The $150 account credit will be added to your account in $30 installments over the course of 6 months.  Give customer care a call at 1-877-946-3403 or stop by your WIND Mobile store to take advantage of this excellent promotion.

If you combine the $150 port-in credit with the Huawei U1250 and the $15 Chat plan you will be able to get 1 full year of WIND voice service for under $100!  The port-in credit and “first month free” promotion will cover 11 months of voice service, leaving you with only one month to pay.  Make it simple on yourself, head down to your nearest WIND store with $85+tax in hand and prepay for a full year of service.  Of course any usage outside of your plan is extra, so an even $100 should be more than enough to cover you for a year.


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Samsung Link RE*Generation

Get the Limited Edition RE*Generation Samsung Link and $10 will be donated to the movement to get young people off the streets and back on their feet. Get linked in from no matter where you are with the Samsung Link QWERTY Phone. Use the large, 4-line full QWERTY keyboard to fire away texts and instant messages at rocket speed. Stay on top of things and check up to 5 personal email accounts on the go with Virgin Mobile email and see if you’ve been poked with the one-touch Facebook® button. Plus you can snap pics with the 1.3 megapixel camera and connect wirelessly with stereo Bluetooth® 2.0.

The Samsung Link is currently priced at $130 on a 30 day term, $60 on prepaid, and $0 on a 2 year term.  Buy and activate your Samsung Link before May 16th and receive a $30 activation credit, new accounts only.

The RE*Generation version of the Samsung Link is in-transit to a retail location near you.  In the meantime you can buy online or through customer care (1-888-999-2321).


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LG 230 Simple Flip

With a name like “Simple Flip” don’t expect much out of the LG 230.  The CDMA sports a 0.3 MP camera (no I did not reverse the 0 and 3), 1.77 inch (128×160) main display, Bluetooth, and an Ez tip calculator.  A short feature list means low device pricing:

2 year term: $0.00
30 day term: $59.99
prepaid: $59.99

Picture it with the LG 230 Simple Flip Camera Phone. Snap pics, connect wirelessly with Bluetooth®, and take control with the dedicated voice command key. Call and text away to your heart’s content on this ultra-handy flip phone.

Stop by your local Virgin kiosk to pick up your LG 230 “Simple Flip”.


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WIND Releases Huawei U1250

WIND Mobile has released the Huawei U1250 for $70 contract free. The U1250 is a welcome addition and will be the first phone to be under the $100 mark at WIND.

The Huawei U1250 is a compact handset featuring a 2 MP camera, speakerphone, FM Radio, MP3 Player and microSD slot for expandable memory of up to 8GB.

Head over to your nearest WIND store or call customer care at 1-877-80-WIND-1 (1-877-809-4631) to order your Huawei U1250 today.


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Virgin Canada Welcomes Back Nokia

After Nokia pulled out of the CDMA phone market a few years ago, Virgin Mobile is finally able to welcome Nokia back to their phone lineup with a HSPA device.

The Nokia 2370 features a 2MP camera, FM radio, 30MB of internal memory with support up to 2GB through the use of microSDHC cards.

Do it all, from almost anywhere in the world, with the sleek Nokia 2730. Leave on a jet plane and you’ve got global mobile with roaming in more than 200 countries around the world. Take pics and shoot vids with the 2 megapixel camera, surf to your fave websites, check email, connect wirelessly with Bluetooth® 2.0, listen to FM stereo radio, download tones and pics, and pump up your phone’s storage with up to 2 GB of expandable memory.

The Nokia 2730 is only available on postpaid service. $59.99 on a 30 day term or $0.00 on a 2 year contract.

Head over to your nearest Virgin Mobile Canada dealer to purchase the Nokia 2730 or buy online directly through Virgin.


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