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Public Mobile Up and Running in Montreal

Public Mobile is now live in Montreal, becoming the first new entrant to offer service in the region.  Below is Public’s current coverage and future expansion plan for the Montreal area.

dark orange=current (full) coverage
light orange=current (partial) coverage
yellow=2010 expansion
green=2011 expansion

Head over to your nearest Public Mobile store to sign up.


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WIND Updates MY COUNTRY Add-on

WIND Mobile has updated the MY Country International Calling add-on.

Effective today-Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran and Vietnam have been added as options with the low per minute rate of $0.15.  China, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore remain on the plan at $0.05/minute.

Give WIND a call at 1-877-946-3184 or 611 from your WIND powered device to add MY COUNTRY to your plan.


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We’re Losing Signal Captain! – iPhone Problems

Maybe it is better that the Canadian launch of the iPhone 4 has been delayed.  It looks like early adopters in the United States are having signal problems with their devices.  Instead of me explaining the problem to you, take a look at the video below.


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AT&T 3G MicroCell

AT&T has rolled out the MicroCell nationwide.  The MicroCell connects to your existing broadband internet service (ie. cable or DSL) and acts like a mini cellular tower to increase the signal in your home or small business.  The 3G MicroCell should provide full bars for an area up to 5,000 sq ft.

Any call placed using the MicroCell will not count towards your monthly bucket.  If you have to leave the house while connected to the MicroCell you will be seamlessly handed over to the AT&T network which means you can continue your call with interruption.

Learn more about the 3G MicroCell over at AT&T.


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Rogers LIVE 2010 FIFA World Cup App

We are two weeks into the  FIFA World Cup and Rogers has put the finishing touches on an app designed for the Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.  The FIFA World Cup Live app allows users to stream the remaining games on their iPad free of charge.

According to the RedBoard post, the app is free to download and all data consumed by the application will NOT come out of your monthly data bucket.  The only catch I can see is that your iPad must be registered on the Rogers network and activated on a 30 day plan.

Download the app from the iTunes and start watching the games today.


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The Future is Friendly Again-No Activation Fee

TELUS Mobility is removing the bogus account set-up (activation) fee.  According to the internal bulletin the removal of the fee on 3 year term activations is in direct response to Bell and Rogers.  Got to love the competition in Canada’s wireless industry.

TELUS is also offering unlimited local calling for 6 months and early night and weekends starting at 6pm on new 3 year activations.


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Canada iPhone 4 Launch Fast Tracked?

It looks like Apple Canada has removed the “Coming in July” banner on the device from the online store.  This change could mean one of two things: either the July launch has been fast-tracked or it has been pushed back.

The Canadian carriers have always said that the iPhone was launching in the “coming week”, if the launch was planned for July why did they no say the device would launch next month.  Also, the end of July is still 6 weeks away, giving Apple plenty of time to catch up to demand.  This leads me to hope believe that “Coming Soon” is referring to sometime this month, after all it would not make sense for Apple to say “Coming in June” as the month is already half over.

I can hope…right?


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Pay With Plastic Online-WIND Mobile

WIND Mobile is is now allowing pay-after customers to pay off their account balance online using either MasterCard or Visa.  Once a payment is made it will be automatically credited to the account balance allowing customer to verify the payment has gone through.

Up until now, WIND customers had to phone in to pay their bill if they wanted to use plastic.  While online credit payments is a welcome addition, I think it WIND should have had it up and running from launch-6 months ago…

Speaking of launching 6 months ago, congratulations to WIND and their staff.  Welcome to the Canadian wireless market!


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T-Mobile Expands HSPA+ Coverage

T-Mobile announced yesterday that their HSPA+ network now covers 25 major metropolitan areas.  By the end of the month of June, T-Mobile hopes to have 75 million Americans covered with their expanded 4G coverage.

T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding HSPA+ mobile broadband footprint makes it easy for customers to enjoy 4G speeds on the HSPA+-enabled T-Mobile® webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick. In addition, T-Mobile currently has 15 3G devices that can benefit from enhanced speeds when they’re on the HSPA+ network.  T-Mobile has made considerable progress in the number of areas with faster mobile broadband — and expects to continue this aggressive pace to deliver HSPA+ speeds in 100 major metropolitan areas with backhaul in place, covering 185 million people in the U.S. by the end of this year.

Read the full press release and see if your city is covered by the new HSPA+ network on the T-Mobile website.


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Edmonton Journal Now Using Scanlife Bar Codes

The Edmonton Journal is now connecting their reader’s cellphones to the print edition of the paper.  Through the use of Scanlife bar codes users can interact with the articles in the Edmonton Journal as well as and their favorite writers and bloggers.

Get free the Scanlife app for your smartphone today and get connected with the Edmonton Journal.  Scanlife currently supports the major smartphone operating systems: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone OS, Palm OS, S60 3rd, and Windows Mobile


1 comment June 17th, 2010

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