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June 18th, 2010

WIND Mobile is is now allowing pay-after customers to pay off their account balance online using either MasterCard or Visa.  Once a payment is made it will be automatically credited to the account balance allowing customer to verify the payment has gone through.

Up until now, WIND customers had to phone in to pay their bill if they wanted to use plastic.  While online credit payments is a welcome addition, I think it WIND should have had it up and running from launch-6 months ago…

Speaking of launching 6 months ago, congratulations to WIND and their staff.  Welcome to the Canadian wireless market!


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    Pay With Plastic Online-W&hellip  |  June 18th, 2010 at 2:10 am

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    CW  |  November 26th, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Such a terrible experience, I’m going back to the bandits I know!

    We wanted a simple $35 /month plan with no data.

    We ended up being billed several hundred dollars for data charges. Since we only ever used WIFI on the phone once or twice, and since we don’t surf or watch movies on the phone, these were a complete surprise. We specifically told them “no data”.

    After absolutely terrible customer service (they’d mis-entered our email address, misspelled our street name, and mis-entered our postal code… and forgot to enter our credit card info for automated payment… so we never got a bill… and never had a sense of a problem… until they cut us off and told us we owed $300 for 2 months of use), I was extorted for over $200 to close the account. Not to mention the 100 minutes all in all spent on the phone with them (mostly on hold).

    Wind sucks. Wind blows. The wind has broken. Who branded them? It’s such an accurate representation.

    JK  |  September 18th, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    I’ve been with Wind for nearly a year and a half. For the first 6 months, next to no signal in my house or office. Complained also of dropped or missed calls at a rate of 80 to 90%. They kept giving me excuses and told that they would resolve the problem and gave me bogus “reboot” promises….according to one tech guy. This was a sham as I suspected because another tech guy told me there is no such thing with phones.

    After half a year, signals are better so I’m content. Three months ago, I get a message that my automatic billing of credit card is not working. I contact them and they tell me it’s my credit card. I tell them that it’s the same card but they tell me it is being rejected. I am told to send them my credit card statement and they will handle it.

    I fax them my credit card statement. After three weeks my phone service is shut down. I contact them right away. I have missed payments. I tell them that I have faxed them my credit card statement. I guess they couldn’t resolve the problem. The girl tells me that the address or the credit card information is wrong. We double check and everything is correct…AGAIN! She tells me I need to go to my bank and resolve the issue and go to a Wind store/booth to top up. I tell her I have no time. I tell her it’s not my credit card or a bank issue but their system since nothing has changed with my credit card and all my other bills have been paid with this card.

    I decide to call my credit card using skype while she is listening. Credit card company tells me that she can see that the payment is going through but then it gets reversed a few seconds later. The Wind staff can hear this, but still refuses to believe that it’s their system. She tells me she tried to help me and that I should again go to the bank. The credit card company asks for Wind to contact her to resolve….again the Wind staff said it’s not possible. The credit card staff says she will contact Wind and asks for a number……Wind staff says it’s not possible. Credit card staff asks Wind to contact the merchant services…..Wind staff says it’s not possible.

    I finally gave them another credit card and it went through, and she asked me if I wanted to make automatic payments on that card. I said NO….it’s not my business credit card so it’s a one time thing.

    The incredible thing is that WIND refuses to believe that it could be their system that has a glitch! Keeps telling me to go to the bank to resolve the problem when it is clearly their problem. To top it off, they don’t want to do anything to resolve it.

    I signed up with WIND to help a new company. However, their lack of services…..horrible horrible customer service (nice enough, but totally useless and lacking common sense) has made it a nightmare. I’m not going to tell people not to sign with Wind because they may get better, but they really need to change their policies and services fast before more damage is done to their image.

    PSH  |  December 17th, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    For last my 3 Wind bills, I been using the same Mastercard credit card to pay off my monthly bill with no problems. On the 4th month, I kept getting “A system error has occured in the processing of this payment.”

    I called Wind customer service (1 877) number. The operator tried to processed the payment. The same error occured. They insisted that it’s my credit card company that’s not allowing the payment to go through. I talked to my credit card company and they told me that it’s a problem with Wind. To confirm, I used my credit with another merchant with no problems.

    I went into the Wind store and explained my problem. I asked them to tried my credit card but I wanted them to waive the $2 transactional fee because of all the effort I put into resolving their online payment system issue. They refused! I escalated the issue to the store manager. He said that he can’t do anything to help me and that I should contact Wind customer service over the phone. I told him I did! He saidthat this is an issue with the customer service and it’s beyond his responsibilities.

    I escalated the issue to the regional manager and I have yet to hear back.

    Wind should be more helpful to their customers and work through the problem instead of blaming the credit card company.

    From reading previous posts, this credit card payment problem has not been fixed 2+ years later!

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