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Droid Does

Verizon is confirming the upcoming release of the Motorola Droid X with a promotional website for the device.  The Droid X features a 854 x 480 4.3″ display, HDMI output, and 720p capture.  Expect the official launch to be next week, June 23rd.


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Free Phones!

T-Mobile USA has a very aggressive promotion this Saturday in conjunction with Father’s Day.

This Saturday at 8 a.m., we’re putting families first with another first: every phone in each participating store is free. All you have to do is show up and switch.

  • Visit a T-Mobile store on June 19, 2010.
  • Switch to a T-Mobile family plan or add a new line to your existing family plan.
  • Get a free phone—any phone—for every new line on your plan.

It’s our way of saying Happy Father’s Day. And it’s one more way we’re helping families stick together®.

Read about the details and find a participating store on the T-Mobile website.


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Rogers Launches N97 Mini

Rogers Wireless has released the N97 Mini, a full touch screen device with slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia N97 Mini comes with everything you need for productivity and entertainment. It offers the full Ovi suite, including Ovi Maps with free Navigation and a car mount so you can turn this N-series smartphone into a full GPS solution. For your entertainment needs, the N97 Mini comes with exclusive content like Rihanna tracks and 5 free premium games to keep you entertained.

3 year: $99.99 (voice and data)
2 year: $399.99
1 year: $449.99
monthly: $449.99
no term: $499.99


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Once You Go Black…

If you are like me you love black electronics. It looks like WIND is helping us out with our black addiction by adding the Nokia 5230 in black to their phone lineup.

Like the white 5230, the black phone will retail contract free for only $180.  The 3.2″ touch screen device has a virtual QWERTY keyboard and free turn-by-turn navigation through Nokia Maps 3.0.

The Nokia 5230 is a stylish affordable touch screen device featuring a full-function Media Player with expandable memory of up to 16 GB, Nokia Maps, and integrated online communities like Facebook and YouTube.


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Virgin Mobile Releases HTC Legend

Virgin Mobile Canada has released their first Android device, say hello to the HTC Legend.

The HTC Legend delivers all the power of Android in one killer package. You get seamless multi-tasking, super quick mobile web browsing, completely customizable multiple home screens, a huge selections of apps, and fully integrated Google apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and way more.

Heads-up! Because of network differences, this phone isn’t available in Saskatchewan and Manitoba yet.

3 year term: $79.99 (voice and data)
30 day term: $349.99


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My Country Infinite

WIND Mobile is responding to their competition’s offerings and has rolled out My Country Infinite.

This $20/month package will give you unlimited long distance calling to one of seven countries.  This add-on is only valid for the Always Talk and Always  Shout plans.  If you subscribe to the My Country Infinite add-on this weekend you will be able to save 50% on the monthly cost.


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The Future is NOT Friendly

As of today the follow price increases are in effect for new TELUS customers.
Call Forwarding OLD PRICE – $2NEW PRICE $3
Local 5 Favourite Numbers OLD PRICE – $10NEW PRICE $15
Nationwide 5 Favourite Numbers OLD PRICE – $15NEW PRICE $20

Existing customers will not see their feature pricing increased.


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iPhone 4 Announced

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Mobilicity launches their Chinese name + Asian and South Asian themed portal

I just got back from a Mobilicity media event at a karaoke bar in Pacific Mall. They just launched their Ethnic themed portal for their users which has Asian and South Asian themed content. They also launched their Chinese name. Watch the video to see how to pronounce it.

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Public Mobile Refreshes Plans

Public Mobile, Canada’s new mobile start up, has just refreshed their rate plans.  A posting on the company blog explains the changes.

Public Mobile now have updated plans, adding more value to the $40 unlimited talk and text plan, and adding an unlimited talk plan for only $24. Our updated $40 unlimited talk and text plan now includes voicemail and call display, plus, if you don’t feel you’ll use the text part of the plan, you can trade it for unlimited Canadian long distance. Our new $24 plan includes unlimited talk with call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling, great for those who just want to call and talk. And without credit checks, contracts or surprises.

While I personally think it was too soon for Public Mobile to change their rate plans it is nice to see a company reacting to the competition and their customer’s suggestions.


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