HowardForums was stolen. We’re located at for now

September 19th, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to our temporary domain. As I’m sure you’ve noticed HowardForums is currently located at the temporary domain (no “s”). In case you can access this on some of your computers and not others, it will take a few hours for the changes to propagate throughout the internet.

In the meantime, do not access the site via unless you hear otherwise from me.

Unfortunately, our domain was stolen over the weekend and I’m currently working with my registrar, GoDaddy on getting it back. While I initially thought GoDaddy wouldn’t do anything till Monday, after a a few hours they got back to me. Since then, they have been working with me to get the domain back so kudos to them helping me on the weekend.

Our stolen domain was transferred away to so GoDaddy is waiting for them to respond. Hopefully things will go smoothly so we can get our domain back. So far it’s been 3 days and GoDaddy hasn’t gotten a response back Aust Domains. I hope Aust Domain gets back soon, there’s a lot at stake here!

In case you’re wondering our forum data is unrelated to the domain so it is safe.

How did this happen? My GoDaddy account is attached to a family member’s email. I did this so that our domains would be safe in case anyone ever tried to break into MY email. While the family member’s email is used for other things it doesn’t have anything else to do with the forum besides the domain. Last week, we were forced to log into this email at a hotel business center in order to print out something. Normally, I know better but we were in a bind. I suspect our thief was able to capture our email and password using a keylogger then.

The theif used the email to reset our GoDaddy account and then transferred the domain away. Before they did this they setup filters to automatically delete subsequent emails from GoDaddy. This would keep us from realizing our domain was about to be transferred away plus it would create the illusion that everything is okay.

Regardless, I apologize to all of you for our downtime and thank you for your support. I’ll let you all know more as the situation unfolds.

Howard Chui

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