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Fido Launches Nokia 1661

We told you last week that Fido will be launching the Nokia 1661.  Well August 5th has arrived which means the basic bar phone is up for sale.


The Nokia 1661 features a FM radio, built in MP3 player, and a flashlight.

$0: 2 year term
$55: prepaid/monthly


2 comments August 7th, 2009

Fido Releases Blue LG Neon

Everyone loves QWERTY phones so Fido has launch the popular LG Neon in a new color-Blue! Specs and pricing stay the same as the grey Neon released a few months ago.


$75: 2 year Fido agreement
$175: monthly/prepaid/phone only

Full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen dialing, 2.0MP camera, MP3 player, and Bluetooth.


1 comment August 7th, 2009

Fido re-Launches CityFido


Fido has re-launched CityFido!  Now before you get all excited, the new CityFido plans are simply a re-branding of the current Full Fido plans.  Local airtime minutes are for use within the CityFido calling zone.  Airtime used outside of the CityFido zone or in addition to your monthly allotment will be charged at the regular rate of 35¢/minute.  Check out the plans by clicking on the “more” link.

2,000 local minutes
unlimited text messages (sent and received)
no System Access Fee (SAF)

4,000 local minutes
unlimited text messages (sent and received)
no System Access Fee (SAF)

a one-time activation fee of $35 per-line applies

To view the CityFido zones head over to the Fido website.


1 comment August 6th, 2009

Fido to Launch Nokia 1661 August 5th

Fido is getting ready to launch the Nokia 1661 next week, August 5th.  The Nokia 1661 features a FM radio, built in MP3 player, flashlight, and games-not like a basic phone for the discount provider.


$0.00-2 year term


5 comments July 29th, 2009

Fido Experiencing Voicemail Issues?

HowardForums member “darkside flow” is normally a very busy and popular person.  So after not receiving voicemails on their cellphone for a few days (s)he decided to call Fido to see why.  Turns out there is a glitch with the system which tricks it into believing the inbox is full even if all messages are deleted.

According to the customer service representative, this is a “known issue” and technical services are working on the issue.  No firm timeline on when this will be fixed but Fido is hoping for systems to be back up and running by Monday.

Is your Fido voicemail service working or are you also not as popular as you once were?  Leave a comment below or head over to HowardForums.


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New Fido ECF Policy

Fido, a division of Rogers Wireless, is making the following changes to their Early Cancellation Fees (ECF).

NEW: $10/month ($100 minimum, $300 maximum)
OLD: $20/month ($100 minimum, $400 maximum)

NEW: $10/month ($100 minimum, $200 maximum)
OLD: $5/month ($25 minimum, $100 maximum)

The above changes will only apply to customers who sign a Fido agreement on or after July19,  2009.  No word on if existing customers will have their contract terms changed to reflect the new policy.

Thanks WorldIRC!


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Rogers/Fido Sold Out of iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS was launched on July 19th in most parts of the world, with it available from both Rogers and Fido in Canada.  Two weeks after the launch and the 3GS is already sold out at Rogers and Fido retail locations across the country.  The 3GS is reportedly still in stock at Apple stores across Canada.  The iPhone 3G, last years model, may still be in stock at retail locations and will continue to be sold until stock is depleted.  Expect stock of the 3GS to be replenished next week with back orders being filled first.



5 comments July 2nd, 2009

Rogers and Fido to get the iPhone 3GS 16/32GB for $199/$299 on a 3 year

Starting June 19th Rogers and Fido will have the iPhone 3GS 16GB for $199 on a 3 year while the 32GB is $299 on a 3 year. Presumably with a $45 minimum monthly voice and data plan. There will be no straight up pricing at launch.

The iPhone 3G 8GB will drop to $99 on a 3 year.

Rogers will also be bringing back the $30/6GB data option for iPhone users.

6 comments June 8th, 2009

Rogers to begin charging for incoming SMS

Starting July 7th, Rogers will begin charging for incoming SMS, for those who don’t have a  text messaging plan. The cost will be $0.15 a message.

So much for Rogers saying they’ll never charge for incoming SMS.

Fido users will still get free incoming.

32 comments May 5th, 2009

HUP Renewals-Fido

Effective immediately for customers who are on loyalty/retention plans, or “old” Fido plans (before November 4th, 2008).  Contract renewals may now only be done within 180 days (6 months) of the end of the contract, not 14 months as previously allowed.


Fido Dollars may still be used to reduce handset pricing if you are not eligible for a renewal credit.  Fido Dollars are can also be used when completing a HUP to reduce the handset pricing even more.

Discuss on HowardForums or in the comment section below.


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