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Fido’s 8100-Offical

Looks like Fido is going to get the BlackBerry 8100.  The outdated BlackBerrys have started showing up in retail locations a week ahead of expected launch-February 4.  Check out the pictures from Boy Genius Report below.


No confirmation on pricing yet but rumor says the 8110 will be starting is $25 on a 3 year term with data.

Source: Boy Genius Report


3 comments January 28th, 2009

Samsung f266 Coming to Fido

It appears the Samsung t336 is stepping aside to make room for the Samsung f266.  Pictured on the Samsung Canada website with Fido branding I think it is safe to say this is not a rumor but a confirmation.  Check out the picture below and follow the link to see the f266 on the Samsung website.


The Samsung Canada website says the following about the f266:

Sleek and skinny from the outside—and jam packed on the inside! From music to movie clips, the SAMSUNG f266 lets you do it all. Store up to 8 GB of your fave songs with expandable memory and play it all back on the built-in MP3 player. Take photos and video with the 2.0 megapixel camera and Bluetooth® lets you almost-instantly share clips with friends. You’re always in the loop with the f266.

No word yet on pricing or launch date.

Source: MobileSyrup


4 comments January 21st, 2009

UPDATED-BlackBerry 8100 Coming to Fido

As has been rumored before-the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is making its way to Rogers’ discount brand Fido.  HowardForums member “WorldIRC” has revealed launch date is February 4, 2009!  Data training for Fido reps started last week and according to reps in attendance BIS pricing will be similar (if not the same of Rogers) but no BES will be offered.  Pricing for the 8100, according to HowardForums member “WorldIRC” is as follows:

month to month-$400
2 year term-$350
3 year term (with data)-$25


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Pearl coming to Fido

The BlackBerrys will be coming Fido in the very near future!

According to HowardForums member “chaser_xsnes9x” both the 8120 8220 will be launched by Quarter 1 of 2009.  The 8120 (Pearl) will be launched first, the second week of December, at a price of $0 on a two year term with data option.  The 8220 (Curve will be launched second, Q1 of 2009, costing you $50 (on a two year term with data).

Fido’s UNO service will be promoted with the new devices along with 3 current devices.  Exact launch dates and color have yet to be confirmed.


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Fido Discountinues Three Devices

The new Fido has discontinued three mobile devices-effective immediately.

Sony Ericsson z310a
Sony Ericsson w300i (white)
Samsung Jack (red)

Guess that explains why the Rogers advertisement I received had the Merlot Samsung Jack listed as an exclusive.


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The “NEW” Fido-FINAL

Well the new Fido has finally been launch, covered the entire time here on  Lets summarize:


My first impression was oh my, what has the marketing department done to Fido.  The text is a mix between the Koodo logo and the new Bell logo with the yellow dog house getting its style from Loblaw’s value priced brand-”no name”.  I personally like the old Fido logo much better, but if an ugly logo means cheaper rates I am all for it.

Monthly Plans
Check out the new monthly plans on the Fido website. (not currently listed)

Although I do not think the plans are perfect they are certainly a step in the right direction.  WIth Fido including text messaging with its six main plans, the relaunch it to complete directly with Koodo Mobile Telus’ discount brand.  No SAF and 911 not only completes with Koodo Mobile but also with Virgin Mobile and forcing Solo Mobile, Bell’s discount brand to follow.  Its nice to see “the big three” feel threatened by Globalive and they have not even launched yet!
Rollover minutes would have been nice, not to mention the marketing department would have a field day, as well as Fido to Fido and/or Fido to Rogers plans.  I guess its easy for me on the outside to say what they should have done.

Aside from the logo, I think the re-branding of Fido to a discount brand was the right move by Rogers for the current market.  Getting rid of one and three year contracts was another interesting move, forcing client to go either monthly or sign up for two years.  The exception to the new contract terms are iPhone clients who must sign up for a three year term.
Now if only there was something we could do about that new logo.  Maybe Fido’s marketing department can whip up a last minute contest-design a logo for the “new” Fido.

For those of you who follow the re-branding of Fido here on you.  But I am sorry to say that our coverage ends here, I am dog-tired of writing about it.


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In addition to the new plans new addons will also be avaliable.

$10/month Value Pack
-call display with name display
-who called
-enhanced voice messaging

$15/month Value Pack
-call display with name display
-who called
-enhanced voice messaging
-5pm early evenings
-unlimited on device browsing

$5-200 sms (Canada)
$10-unlimited sms (Canada)
$20-unlimited ld (Canada)
$30-unlimited ld (North America)

Existing Options-New Pricing
$6 call display with name display (was $7)
$6 enhanced voice messaging (was $8)
$5-5pm early evenings (was $7)
$5 international ld call saver (was $4)


4 comments November 3rd, 2008

The “NEW” Fido-PLANS

The “NEW” Fido will be launching tomorrow with SIX new plans, updated “FULLFIDO” plans and new iPhone plans.  New plans are only available on either no contract or two year terms, iPhone plans still require a three year term.

-50 minutes
-50 text messages (Canada)

-50 minutes
-50 text messages (Canada)
-unlimited evening & weekends

-100 minutes
-unlimited text messages (Canada)
-unlimited evening & weekends

-250 minutes
-unlimited text messages (Canada)
-unlimited evening & weekends

-600 minutes
-unlimited text messages (Canada)
-unlimited evening & weekends

-2000 minutes
-unlimited text messages (Canada)
-unlimited evening & weekends

*overage rate: $0.35/minute
*billed by the second
*$10/month unlimited incoming calls
*existing plans will be grandfathered
*no System Access Fee (SAF)
*no 911 fee

$40/month (FULLFIDO-posted earlier)
-2000 anytime minutes within zone
-unlimited evening and weekends

$60/month (FULLFIDO)
-4000 anytime minutes within zone
-unlimited evening and weekends

*out of zone rate: $0.35/minute
*$5-50 minutes out of zone

$60/month (iPhone)
-250 minutes
-unlimited evening and weekends
-500MB of data (currently 1GB)
-unlimited text messaging (currently 75)
-visual voicemail

$70/month (iPhone)
-500 minutes (currently 400 minutes)
-unlimited evening and weekends
-1GB of data (currently 2 GB)
-unlimited text messaging (currently 100)
-visual voicemail


3 comments November 3rd, 2008


A source has confirmed that the logo posted early today is infact the logo of “the new” Fido, although colors may still change. The source also leaked one of the new price plans, $40 will get you 2000 minutes with unlimited sms.

If Rogers is relaunching the Fido brand to compete with Telus’ discount brand, Koodo Mobile, they seem to be on the right track.  See below for a quick comparison.

Koodo Mobile
$40/month (no SAF)
-300 minutes
-7pm E&W
-unlimited sms

$75/month (no SAF)
-2000 minutes
-7pm E&W
-unlimited sms

The “NEW” Fido
$40/month (no SAF&911, confirmed)
-2000 minutes
-unlimited E&W

Looks like there is some competition in the Canadian Wireless market afterall.


1 comment November 3rd, 2008

The “NEW” Fido-LOGO?

With the re branding of Fido around the corner, a new Fido logo has been leaked on HowardForums.

I am highly doubtfull that this is actually the new logo of Fido.  Solo Mobile orange and Bell Mobility text-looks like a great Photoshop job.


1 comment November 3rd, 2008

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