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Public Mobile Up and Running in Montreal

Public Mobile is now live in Montreal, becoming the first new entrant to offer service in the region.  Below is Public’s current coverage and future expansion plan for the Montreal area.

dark orange=current (full) coverage
light orange=current (partial) coverage
yellow=2010 expansion
green=2011 expansion

Head over to your nearest Public Mobile store to sign up.


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Public Mobile Refreshes Plans

Public Mobile, Canada’s new mobile start up, has just refreshed their rate plans.  A posting on the company blog explains the changes.

Public Mobile now have updated plans, adding more value to the $40 unlimited talk and text plan, and adding an unlimited talk plan for only $24. Our updated $40 unlimited talk and text plan now includes voicemail and call display, plus, if you don’t feel you’ll use the text part of the plan, you can trade it for unlimited Canadian long distance. Our new $24 plan includes unlimited talk with call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling, great for those who just want to call and talk. And without credit checks, contracts or surprises.

While I personally think it was too soon for Public Mobile to change their rate plans it is nice to see a company reacting to the competition and their customer’s suggestions.


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Unlimited Everything Coming to Solo Mobile

It has been awhile since we last posted something about Solo Mobile, a division of Bell Mobility, so lets give them some press time.

A web page went up late last week with information about three unlimited plans.  Of course a truly “unlimited”plan it too good to be true so the following conditions apply:

1) available in Toronto and Montreal only
2) only for use in “City Zone” (just like the “Solo in the City” and “City Fido” plans)
3) prepaid only

Click on the “more” link to see the details on the three unlimited plans.


unlimited talk
unlimited text

unlimited talk
unlimited text
caller id

unlimited talk
unlimited text
unlimited mobile internet (on-device browsing)
unlimited long distance (Canada only)
caller id

The three plans have since been removed from the Solo Mobile website, but they should be back soon.  The plans are most likely in direct competition with newcomer Public Mobile.  The new carrier is currently advertising a $40/month unlimited talk and text plan which will become available when they launch in Toronto and Montreal later this year.


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Public Mobile


Public Mobile is well on its way to start selling cellphone service in Ontario and Quebec by the end of the third quarter this year (Q3 2009).  The Public Mobile network will operate on PCS G Band frequency, which was purchased in the spectrum auction help last year, and will cover almost 19 million Canadians in the Windsor to Quebec City corridor.

Public Mobile was formally known as BMV Holdings which was formed in 2008.

For more information on Public Mobile head over to their website at


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