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Video: My review of the Blackberry Bold 9700

Here’s my review of the Blackberry Bold 9700:

click more to get a quick run down of what I thought:

BTW most of my reviews are in high definition so check that feature.

I liked the Bold 9000 and while it has been a long time since it came out chances were I’d like the 9700 as well.

Turns out it was true. Here are some of the improvements the 9700 brings ot the table:

  • trackpad (no more replacing trackballs)
  • smaller form factor
  • better build quality
  • slightly high resolution display
  • OS 5.0 (unless you upgraded your 9000 too)
  • 3.2mp autofocus camera

You do lose a stereo speaker and I guess you might not like the smaller size if you have huge hands.

You still get

  • good messaging capabilities out of the box
  • pretty snappy performance (with the exception of the browser)
  • very efficient multitasking
  • reasonably good integration between apps
  • a good QWERTY keyboard
  • decent battery life for a HSPA smartphone

So while I really liked the 9700 I’d like to see a better camera. The 9700′s camera doesn’t really suck but it could be better. Especially 3.2mp is basically status quo. The browser needs to go – RIM, hurry up and bring a new faster browser out!

Howard Chui


3 comments December 8th, 2009

LG IQ (Monaco) hands on

I recently had a chance to play with the LG IQ aka the Monaco. Here’s the vitals: 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, WinMo 6.5, 3.2″ WVGA screen, 5 megapixel camera, slide out QWERTY keyboard, finger print reader, HSPA and an optional projector that mounts on the back. It also has LG’s S-class UI. If you don’t like it you can also use the WinMo 6.5 UI.

I didn’t really play with it enough to form a lot of opinions on it but here are some:

WVGA on a 3.2″ display is really crisp but it’s also pushing it unless you have a stylus (sort of like on the Xperia)

The projector is really cool. While not cheap at ~$150 it’s not horribly expensive either. I can see kids buying them and projecting ‘kick me’ on each other with it.

I’m not a fan of the S-class UI nor am I crazy about the LG apps. S-class is just weird and the LG apps (such as the phonebook, media player, photo app, etc) look kind of cheesy. That said they generally have nice big text which is good if you don’t like small text.

The 1Ghz Snapdragon processor is snappy.

I played with the LG Xenon a while back (a feature phone) and it had an excellent keyboard – the IQ also has an excellent keyboard.

It’s coming to TELUS before the end of the year.

5 comments November 27th, 2009

Motorola Milestone: The Droid for GSM is here

Motorola MlestoneMore details to follow but the Milestone is basically the Motorola Droid but for GSM/HSPA networks.

It’s an Android 2.0 powered phone with a 800×480 display, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, removable memory and a 5 megapixel camera with flash all in a form factor slightly bigger than an iPhone. Yum!

It should be coming to TELUS (and possibly other compatible carriers) in early 2010.

I played with one the other day and couldn’t stop drooling :)

7 comments November 10th, 2009

Rogers: BlackBerry Bold 9700

Rogers Wireless is the first carrier in Canada to launch the BlackBerry Bold 9700.  Bell and Telus will also be launching the all new BlackBerry Bold, making it the first time that all three carriers in Canada are selling the same device.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 offers sophisticated design coupled with high-performance features to offer users a premium smartphone experience. This 3G smartphone ensures you will receive your emails quickly and reliably. The new optical trackpad ensures easy navigation and the multimedia capabilities mean you can have fun and stay connected to the office. The Bold 9700 allows users to live their personal and professional lives to the fullest through power and performance.


Despite what the marketing team at Rogers tells us, the 9700 is commonly referred to as the “Bold” or “Bold 2″ and not the “Curve”.  With that cleared up, lets look at the key features of the device. 

3G data speeds
Large high resolution screen
Advanced 3.2 MP Camera with video capture
Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
3 year: $299.99
2 year: $499.99
1 year: $549.99
no contract: $599.99

Add comment November 3rd, 2009

Telus Releases LG Versa


Enjoy a unique HTML browsing experience with the LG Versa™ and browse up to 3 web pages at one time. The LG Versa™ also features 3 home screens to personalize with contacts, widgets and multimedia for instant access.

The Versa is priced at $79.99/$179.99/$229.99/$279.99 (3 year term to no contract) and features:

  • 3″ high-resolution touchscreen with 3 customizable home screens
  • Easily navigate with the intuitive 3D S-Class UI from LG
  • HTML browser for access to social networking sites
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with autofocus, flash and video capture
  • Bluetooth® technology for stereo and hands-free accessories

Head over to Telus to learn more or to purchase.


Add comment October 29th, 2009

2009 Canadian Wireless Customer Satisfaction Study

Congratulations to Virgin Mobile Canada for being the J.D. Power 2009 Award Recipient for both Prepaid and Postpaid Service.



Virgin Mobile: 752
Fido: 654
Telus Mobility: 653
industry average: 662



Virgin Mobile: 758
Koodo Mobile: 755
SaskTel: 716
industry average: 642

Read the complete press release on the J.D. Power website.


Add comment October 27th, 2009

Telus: What You See Is What You Pay


Telus Mobility is gearing up for the launch of their HSPA+ network early next month by teasing us with the new rate plans.  Termed “Clear and Simple Pricing” the new plans eliminate the addition costs associated with the System Access Fee (SAF) and 9-1-1 fee by building them into the base plan pricing.  As a result the base plan will increase $5/month but will actually save the consumer $2.70 per month in addition to gaining voice mail 3.  Please note that the removal of the System Access Fee and 9-1-1 fee is only for the new “Clear and Simple Pricing” plans-existing plans and contract will not have this amount credited.


click on the image for a large view

Follow the “more” link for some FAQs about the “Clear and Simple Pricing” plans.

Q. Why is TELUS launching these new plans?

A. TELUS is committed to delivering exceptional client service. We recognize wireless pricing can be confusing. Clear Choice™ rate plans maintain our industry leading position on pricing transparency by making rate plans clear and simple. What you see is what you pay.

Q. Are SAF and 911 TELUS fees included in the price of TELUS Clear Choice™ plans?

A. The expenses to TELUS that are currently covered by the System Access and carrier 911 fees still exist and will be covered by the Clear Choice™ plan rate.

Q. As an existing TELUS client, can I stay on my existing rate plan and remove SAF and carrier 911 fees?

A. No. The expenses covered by System Access and carrier 911 fees still exist, so you must continue to pay the fees while you remain on your existing plan. You have the option to change to Clear Choice™ rate plans as of November 5, but if you choose to do so, you will forfeit the benefits and features of your existing rate plan.

Q. As an existing TELUS client, can I continue to renew on my existing rate plan?

A. Yes, you can. Existing clients will continue to be able to renew their current plan as it exists.

Head over to the Telus website to read all about the “Clear and Simple Pricing” rate plans.


1 comment October 27th, 2009

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Coming to Canada

The big three (Rogers, Bell, Telus) have announced they will be bringing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to Canada.

The 9700 features a 2.44″ screen, 3.2 MP camera, wifi, and GPS.  In addition to the previous mentioned features, the 9700 replaces the roller ball with a track pad.

The Bold 2 will be  in the starting lineup for Bell and Telus’ new HSPA network, which should be ready for use in November.  The 9700 should be up for sale in November in around the $300 price mark on a 3 year term with data.


1 comment October 21st, 2009

TELUS and Bell launch HSPA network. TELUS and Bell to offer the iPhone starting in November

TELUS and Bell have launched their HSPA network.

Also, ending months of speculation and ending Roger’s iPhone exclusivity both TELUS and Bell have announced that they will be offering the  iPhone 3G and 3Gs starting in November. Details on that to come later.

You can sign up for updates from TELUS here.

4 comments October 6th, 2009

Simplified International Roaming Rates

Telus Mobility is simplifying international roaming rates as of November 5, 2009.  The new rates for text messaging and calls outside of North America only apply to select smartphone models (Moto A840, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Snap, BlackBerry 8830, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Tour).

Text Messaging
outgoing messages: $0.60/message (no change)
incoming messages: $0.60/message (was $0.35/message)

Calls Outside of North America
The number of calling zones have been reduced from five to three.  Also flat per minute rates have been introduced for each zone, before there was different rates for “incoming calls”, “in-country calls”, and “calls to US/Canada”.

Western Europe: $2.00/minute
Eurasia, Middle East, Oceania, Caribbean, & Latin America: $3.00/minute
Africa: $4.00/minute


1 comment October 4th, 2009

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