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Telus HSPA SIM Card

We all know Telus is going to be switching over to HSPA-we just don’t know the launch date of the new network.  For those who are loosing faith in Telus the following image should make you a believer again.



12 comments September 2nd, 2009

HTC Touch Pro 2 on TELUS unboxing

I just got a HTC Touch Pro 2 on TELUS. Here’s my unboxing video along with a quick comparison with the SE Xperia x1, Blackberry Tour and Storm, Samsung Omnia i910 and HTC TyTN.

1 comment August 14th, 2009

Telus Launches LG Keybo 2

The new compact LG KEYBO 2™ from LG puts a new spin on a proven performer. With up to 8 GB of microSD™ expandable slot and TELUS mobile music®, you can listen to your favourite tunes wherever you are. Looking for the best route to your next destination? With the LG KEYBO 2™ TELUS Navigator is always with you, either on the main screen or the even larger secondary screen. Want to send a message? Simply flip the screen up to enjoy the versatility of the full QWERTY keypad and keep in touch with friends and family via IM, Email or text message.


Click the “more” link for pictures of the LG Keybo 2.



3 comments August 7th, 2009

Telus + LG = Masterpiece


LG and Telus are pleased to announce the LG Masterpiece which features a slim design (only 10.4mm thick!) 1.3 MP camera, and Bluetooth.



Add comment August 7th, 2009

Motorola Rival-Telus

Say hello to the Motorola Rival A455!  The Rival features a full QWERTY keyboard, 2.2″ screen, touch screen dialing, MP3 player, and an expandable memory slot.

3 year term: $99.99
2 year term: $199.99
1 year term: $249.99
no term: $299.99


Head over to Telus to learn more or to purchase your Motorola Rival online.


1 comment August 7th, 2009

HTC Touch Pro2 Slides into Telus

Telus and HTC are pleased to announced the HTC Touch Pro2.  The Touch Pro2 features a 3.6″ tilt ‘n’ side touchscreen, 5-row QWERTY keyboard, wifi and a 3.2MP camera.  Current pricing in the image below, follow the “more” link for an image gallery of the device.





1 comment July 31st, 2009

HTC Snap Launched-Telus


Launching at the following price points the HTC Snap has finally made its way to Telus Mobility.

3 year term: $0.00 (voice $20+ and data $15+)
2 year term: $299.99
1 year term: $349.99
no term: $399.99

The Snap features a full QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, wifi, 2.0MP camera, and a built-in MP3 player.

Head over to the Telus website for more details or to purchase.


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HTC TouchPro2 and HTC Snap Also Priced by Telus

Not only has Telus leaked the price on the BlackBerry Tour but also on the upcoming HTC TouchPro2 and HTC Snap.


The HTC TouchPro2 will ship with a stereo headset, international roaming SIM card, a USB sync and charging cable, and 2 styluses.  Launch pricing below:

3 year term: $399
2 year term: $449
1 year term: $499
no term: $549


$299-3 year term
$399-2 year term
$499-1 year term/no term

Aside from the rechargeable battery the HTC Snap will also ship with a stereo headset, international roaming SIM card, and a USB sync and charging cable in the box.

We will have more on these device when they officially launch.


Add comment July 10th, 2009

Telus Prices BlackBerry Tour

Consider this the official pricing for the BlackBerry Tour which should be launch on Telus Mobility next week.


$599-no term
$549-1 year term
$499-2 year term
$449-3 year term

The BlackBerry Tour will ship with a microUSB sync and charging cable, 1GB microSDTM memory card, internation roaming SIM card, stereo headset, holster, and international travel charger.

Check out “Hands on with the BlackBerry Tour” for first impressions of the latest BlackBerry device.


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Samsung u430 Coming Soon to Telus Mobility

Telus is getting ready launch another basic Samsung flip phone.  The Samsung u430 has appeared on the Telus Mobility website which means a launch is not far away.


The u430 features a 0.3MP camera, Bluetooth, and speakerphone.  Expect the u430 to launch at the following pricing:

3 year term: $29.99
2 year term: $99.99
1 year term: $149.99
no contract: $199.99

More at Telus.


2 comments July 7th, 2009

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