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Attention Canadians: Virigin Mobile to give you $5 a month


Starting Monday April 6th Virgin Mobile Canada will begin giving it’s customers $5 a month. All you have to do is is register for Auto-Pay on a Virgin Mobile Prepaid Monthly Plan with your credit card. They’ll do this for up to 30 months.


2 comments April 4th, 2009

Samsung Cleo-Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is NOT getting ready to launch the Samsung Cleo.


The Samsung Cleo features a fully QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth, 1.3MP camera, and a stereo headset.

Pricing is for Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Cleo is NOT:

$199.99-1 year
$49.99-2 year
$0-3 year

NO launch date has been announced and store shipments will NOT occur.



2 comments April 1st, 2009

Screw You Recession


Last month we told you about Virgin Mobile Canada’s new marketing campaign “Screw You Recession”, well today the site was launched by VMC.

The recession sucks. We know it, you know it. So what are we going to do about it? Well, we’ve decided not to take this whole thing lying down. That’s right. We’re not gonna take it… no, we’re not gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it anymore.

We say “screw you recession!”

We tried screaming that for a while, and nothing really happened. Well, nothing that helped us save any cash. So we decided to put together this blog. This is recession central. A place to find the best recession links combed from the web, swap and learn tips on how to save a buck, vent a little if you’re feeling angry, and team up with other like-minded recessionistas and trade info on how to be cheap. Cool and kick ass – but cheap. In 2009 cheap is the new chic.

The Screw You Recession blog is updated regularly by two Virgin Mobile employees-Mandi Ashford, Public Relations, and Jeremy Elder, Marketing Copywriter.

Head over to to start saving money.


1 comment March 9th, 2009

Screw You Recession


Looks like Virgin Mobile Canada’s new marketing campaign is going to take on the recession.  HowardForums member “mitchese” found the hidden page on the VMC site.  The website boasts “Screw you recession” and “use of this website may result in a surplus of spending money”.  No details yet on the campaign, but could this be the reason why Virgin jacked up their prices then brought them back down a few weeks later?

Source: HowardForums


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Plan Changes, Yet Again-Virgin Mobile (Canada)

With the economy slowly declining raising prices is not going to help you sell your product.  For some reason Virgin Mobile Canada did not realize this before jacking up their price on average 17% at the beginning of the month.  Read the story here to refresh your memory. Today Virgin Mobile has went back to their original price structure when post paid plans were first offered.


The one time account activation fee of $35 is still required when signing up on a myPlan monthly plan from Virgin Mobile Canada.  Hit up the Virgin Mobile Canada website for the complete details.


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Samsung m320 Launched

The Samsung m320 is now available through Virgin Mobile Canada.

Slim and stylish, the ultra-convenient Handy Flip phone, at only 95 grams, packs a bunch of good stuff into one of the lightest phones around. Sleek on the outside, flip it open and you can snap pics on the go with the digital camera, connect wirelessly with Bluetooth®, and the advanced voice dial lets you make a call without having to lift a finger.

3 year term: $0.00
2 year term: $29.99
1 year term: $49.99
30 day term: $79.99
prepaid: $79.99

A nice addition to the Virgin Mobile lineup at an excellent price.  Solo Mobile, Bell Mobility’s discount brand and Virgin Mobile competitor, should be launching the Samsung m320 with similar pricing in the next few weeks.


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Samsung m320-Virgin Mobile


The Samsung m320 has been spotted on the Virgin Mobile Canada website.  No word yet on launch date or pricing but it should not be far away.

The Samsung m320 does not really have any features not even a decent camera only a VGA (648×480).  With disappointing specs like that I expect the Samsung m320 to be available on prepaid or free on a three year contract.


1 comment February 10th, 2009

VMC Curve-Price Decrease

Well Virgin Mobile must have realized increasing the price of the BlackBerry Curve is not going to help sell the device.  The price on the BlackBerry was increased January 18, 2009 (read story here) from the launch price of $49.99 to $79.99 (on a 3 year term with BB bundle).  Virgin Mobile Canada has turned around and put the BlackBerry Curve on sale at an affordable $39.99 (on a 3 year term with BB bundle).



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Plan Changes-Virgin Mobile (Canada)

Virgin Mobile Canada has increased its postpaid rate plans today an average of 17%.  That increase is on top of a new $35 activation fee and an increase on bundle pricing.


The $25 myStarter is a new plan but the $30, $40, and $50 rate plans all saw an increase of $5 with the $60 plan unchanged.  The $10 feature bundle (includes caller id and voicemail) has been increased to $11.  The $15 bundle is now $18 and the $20 bundle is now $22, the $25 bundle remains unchanged.

Check out all the price increases at Virgin Mobile.  Discuss the increases on HowardForums.


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LG 150 (Voluntary) Recall

LG Canada is voluntary recall off LG 150 because some models may not meet Radio Frequency Standards.  The LG 150 was sold by Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile, MTS Allstream, SaskTel, Aliant Mobility, KMTS, NorthernTel, Sogetel, Télébec and TBayTel.  You are urged to contact your carrier as most of them have a replacement program in effect.

For more information about the voluntary recall read the press release on the LG website.


1 comment January 27th, 2009

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