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We’re Losing Signal Captain! – iPhone Problems

Maybe it is better that the Canadian launch of the iPhone 4 has been delayed.  It looks like early adopters in the United States are having signal problems with their devices.  Instead of me explaining the problem to you, take a look at the video below.


7 comments June 23rd, 2010

Rogers LIVE 2010 FIFA World Cup App

We are two weeks into the  FIFA World Cup and Rogers has put the finishing touches on an app designed for the Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.  The FIFA World Cup Live app allows users to stream the remaining games on their iPad free of charge.

According to the RedBoard post, the app is free to download and all data consumed by the application will NOT come out of your monthly data bucket.  The only catch I can see is that your iPad must be registered on the Rogers network and activated on a 30 day plan.

Download the app from the iTunes and start watching the games today.


1 comment June 23rd, 2010

Canada iPhone 4 Launch Fast Tracked?

It looks like Apple Canada has removed the “Coming in July” banner on the device from the online store.  This change could mean one of two things: either the July launch has been fast-tracked or it has been pushed back.

The Canadian carriers have always said that the iPhone was launching in the “coming week”, if the launch was planned for July why did they no say the device would launch next month.  Also, the end of July is still 6 weeks away, giving Apple plenty of time to catch up to demand.  This leads me to hope believe that “Coming Soon” is referring to sometime this month, after all it would not make sense for Apple to say “Coming in June” as the month is already half over.

I can hope…right?


5 comments June 18th, 2010

iPhone 4 Announced

Add comment June 7th, 2010

Rogers iPad Data Plans

You can now pre-order your iPad on the Apple website in advance of the Canadian launch of May 28th.  Although the iPad 3G will be compatible with all three major Canadian carrier (Rogers, Bell, and Telus) Rogers is the only one to officially announce data pricing.

Earlier today the Apple website did mention a $20 option that would allow you share your existing data plan with the iPad, but that reference has since been removed.


2 comments May 10th, 2010

Ellen Loves Apple

Apple has had a difficult past few weeks with the premature “release” of the iPhone HD, the next generation of the popular device, on Gizmodo and now a commercial Ellen put together making the iPhone appear “hard to use”.

I personally found the commercial funny and maybe even a tad bit accurate.  I guess the truth hurts, doesn’t it Apple?  Watch the “commercial” and Ellen’s apology below.


Add comment May 4th, 2010

iPad Price Plans coming to Rogers at the end of May

Rogers has just announced that they’ll have plans for the 3G versions of the Apple iPad at the end of the May. Rogers can’t confirm yet if they’ll also be selling the Apple iPad.

Add comment April 14th, 2010

Apple Approves Opera Mini

Apple has allowed Opera Mini into the App store.  Apple had previously denied 3rd party browsers to be part of the Apple App Store.  Opera Mini will be free of charge and should be avaliable for download within 24 hours.

Follow the “more” link for some screen shots of Opera Mini.


Add comment April 12th, 2010

TELUS and Bell launch HSPA network. TELUS and Bell to offer the iPhone starting in November

TELUS and Bell have launched their HSPA network.

Also, ending months of speculation and ending Roger’s iPhone exclusivity both TELUS and Bell have announced that they will be offering the  iPhone 3G and 3Gs starting in November. Details on that to come later.

You can sign up for updates from TELUS here.

4 comments October 6th, 2009

Apple “Launches” iPhone 3GI

Apple has released its most revolutionary iPhone to date, say hello to the iPhone 3GI.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the 3GI in front of a packed auditorium earlier today.  Jobs describes the 3GI as the “lightest and slimmest model ever” and the “most handsome product” Apple has ever designed.

The newest iPhone boasts significant software and hardware upgrades, multi-touch interface, and superior processing speeds.  The updated wide-screen display has the finest resolution and most the brilliant colors.  Senior vice president Philip Schiller says the 3GI is “as light as air” and is so thin “it’s like it’s not even there.”


At $599 the iPhone 3GI sports a HD video camera, one-tap editing with Final Cut Pro, and cut/copy/paste.  The feature list is never ending, just imagine what you want your 3GI to do and it will obey your command.  The 3GI is so innovative that it can only be seen by the company’s hippest and most dedicated customers.


Read the full story on the ONION-America’s Finest News Source.


Add comment July 29th, 2009

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