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Samsung Messenger review

Here’s the Samsung Messenger. It’s a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone with a QWERTY keyboard, 320×320 display and a 3.2MP camera. It’s available on Bell for $0 on a voice an data plan or $50 on Rogers.

With Windows Phone 7 just around the corner it’s hard to get excited about WinMo 6.5 phones. That was my initial reaction when I got the Messenger (I took it out of the box and then forgot about it). Later I realized some people are used to WinMo 6.5 personal/Microsoft Smartphone and aren’t interested in moving to a new platform.

Like I mentioned the Messenger runs Windows Mobile 6.5. I’ll be honest I haven’t used many WinMo Personal (MS smartphone) devices lately. I do own a HTC Snap but to be honest it was so boring I don’t remember where I put it nor do I remember anything about it other then that the the keyboard was nice. The last MS Smartphone I used for a time was a Motorola Q9h which was running 6.0.

Smartphone has not aged well at all and while it has decent basic functionality it feels really dated. It’s like when my sister in law makes a big turkey. First we all enjoy it, then after 4 days of eating turkey left overs we’re sick of it. That’s how I feel about Smartphone.

While it’s powered by a 528Mhz processor (standard stuff), device speed feels adequate to slightly sluggish at times. I do wish it would scroll faster in Internet Explorer. One nice upgrade is that you get a 320×320 display instead of the usual 320×240 – so you can see 33% more. It’s still not enough but it is a welcome change.

Check out my unboxing and hands on video to see the Messenger:

The keyboard is very good. The keys stick out a lot and have a nice feel to them. I thought about the keyboard a lot about how the keys stick out compared to the keyboard on a Blackberry Bold 9700. At first I thought I liked the Samsung’s keys better but after typing on it for a while I realized the 9700′s fretted keys are better for fast typing because it’s harder to accidentally press neighboring keys. I wish there were a few more shortcut buttons as I’ve always found Smartphone’s menus to be a mess so being able to skip the menu is always a nice thing.

The home screen is customized with Samsung’s WizPro (sounds like something you’d find in a men’s bathroom) software. With Wizpro the home screen is split into different sections which you can scroll between sideways. There is a home section, communities, contacts, music, photo, shortcuts, settings Yahoo finance, Yahoo search  and AccuWeather.

The home section shows information like the date/time, new text messages, missed calls, new emails and Windows Live messenger messages. Communities has a link to a Facebook application along with links to the Friendster, Myspace, PhotoBucket, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube websites. Contacts is actually more of a speed dial where you choose your favourite contacts. I find the contacts feature to be pointless since typing in someone’s name on the today screen is faster. Shortcut allows you can define your own shortcuts to any programs on the Messenger.

While I didn’t fall in love with WizPro it isn’t a bad feature -especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up your phone. That said I did find it slightly laggy at times plus it also makes the home screen a bit of a mess.

Like I mentioned you can start typing in a name or number from the home screen and the Messenger will automatically search your phonebook for matching results.

Samsung includes some extra programs:

  • Alarms (so you don’t have to go into settings to setup an alarm)
  • Anniversary (no idea why Samsung included this since there is already a built in Calendar which syncs with Exchange)
  • Smart Converter (a unit converter)
  • Smart Reader (business card scanner)
  • Tip Calculator
  • World Clock
  • Photo Slides
  • Podcast
  • RSS Reader

I tried Smart Reader and got mixed results. It works really well with simple business cards but doesn’t work so well with cards that have backgrounds. That said it tends to save time if you get a lot of business cards.

The camera has a resolution of 3.2 megapixel with no flash.  You can start it up using the camera button on the right side. Image quality is not terrible but the autofocus takes a very long time to focus. There are a lot of camera functions available including burst mode and ISO settings. The camcorder records video at a resolution of 320×240 so it’s nothing special.

After you’ve taken a picture you can do basic stuff like email, MMS, or Bluetooth it. With the communities app you can also upload them to Picasa, Facebook, MySpace, PhotoBucket and Flickr.

The Messenger is a WinMo phone so you get the standard Exchange and Hotmail push email support plus IMAP and POP. There is support for threaded SMS.

Browsing is handled by Internet Explorer. While it’s better than nothing I found it to be slow at rendering pages plus it’s very slow at scrolling.

You get Mobile versions of Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Word which are useful for editing and viewing attachments.

Like I mentioned before the Messenger lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack so you’re stuck using micro USB headphones (or using a microUSB to 3.5mm adapter).

Battery life is not terrible, you should get about 1.5 days to 2 days of battery life so it’s best to charge it each night.

I found the Messenger sounded a bit fuzzy. Maximum earpiece volume is good.

I compared the Messenger’s RF performance with a Motorola Milestone. I found that the Milestone was noticably better in areas with weak signal. When I simultaneous placed calls and went somewhere with poor network coverage I found the messenger would blank audio where the Milestone still sounded fine.

In the end if you’re someone who really likes Microsoft Smartphone/Windows Mobile Personal, Maybe you have a HTC Maple/Snap, HTC S620, Motorola Q9h, Samsung Jack, etc and don’t really want to switch platforms give the Samsung Messenger a shot. The bigger screen alone makes it worth the upgrade. That said that that doesn’t describe you then you’re probably better of trying something else.

Howard Chui

1 comment May 22nd, 2010

Rogers Releases Samsung Messenger

Although the Samsung Messenger is currently listed on the Rogers website the full QWERTY device is currently out of stock.  The messenger should be arrive at your local Rogers retail location in the coming days.

The Samsung Messenger ensures you stay productive wherever you are. This Windows Mobile is perfect for the mobile professional looking to keep connected to emails, edit documents and manage your calendar. It comes loaded with a 3.2 MP camera, GPS and Wi-Fi and 3G speeds.

When the Samsung Messenger is available in retail location and online it will set you back:

$49.99-3 year term (select plans)
$299.99-2 year term
$349.99-1 year term
$399.99-no term

Follow the “more” link for two enlarged photos of the Samsung Messenger.


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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S

I recently had a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s most noticeable feature is it’s amazing Super AMOLED display. It’s hands down the best display I have ever seen on a phone. I used to think the AMOLED display on my Nexus One was good and the SE X10a had a decent LCD. The SE10a looks really washed out compared to the Galaxy S, same with the Nexus One to a lesser degree. Compared to the Nexus one the Galaxy S’ display is quite usable in bright sunlight and it’s a lot less reflective.

Other things I noticed were that the Galaxy S’ 1Ghz processor (it’s NOT a 1Ghz Snapdragon, apparently it’s quite similar to the processor in the iPad and upcoming iPhone 4G) is very snappy. While I didn’t use the Galaxy S long it did feel much more snappy than my SE X10a and Google N1 both of which have 1Ghz Snapdragons.

The camera has 5mp of resolution but it can also capture high def (720p) video. Watch the video in high definition on YouTube. The video quality was okay.

The Galaxy S has Samsung’s Android customizations including some extra Samsung Widgets plus the bottom row of icons persists throughout the main menu (like the iPhone) which is useful since I don’t’ like hunting for the phone app on my N1 and X10a. There will be some social networking app from Samsung also but it wasn’t loaded onto the Galaxy S I tested.

All in all I can’t wait for the Galaxy S to be released. I will definitely getting one.

33 comments May 10th, 2010

Hands on with Samsung’s Bada Smartphone operating system

Here’s Samsung’s Bada smartphone operating system. You’re probably asking yourself what the point of another smartphone operating system is. The way I see it it’s basically Samsung’s way of paying less royalties so that they can sell Bada phones cheaper than Windows Phone 7, Android, etc phones. It’s also a necessary as Samsung adds  features to their feature phones (dumb phones). Basically the dumb phone is getting smarter.

The Wave is actually a midrange phone, check out it’s nice OLED display. It also has a 1Ghz processor and a 5 megapixel camera.

Here are some of my Bada impressions: The Wave is fast! I’m not sure how Bada will run on slower processors but on the Wave it’s really really responsive. I was impressed with the social networking integration; instead of just having a separate program handling it social networking Bada can sync your phonebook and calendar with Facebook for example. The browser supports multiple windows and renders pages quickly. It also has multitouch support.

Anyways it looks like Samsung will helping lower the price point for those who want a smartphone in the future but can’t afford one.

1 comment May 10th, 2010

Samsung i5801 hands on

Here’s the Samsung i5801. It’s a very entry level Android 2.1 powered phone. Unlike the Galaxy, Galaxy Spic, Galaxy S the i5801 has a 240×400 (I think) multitouch display. There’s not a lot of built in storage (around 300MB) but you can use MicroSDHC cards. Apparently it might have Bluetooth 3.0, it also has wifi, gps, etc. You also get a 3mp camera with a qvga (320×240) video recording. Really it’s a regular Android phone with a cheaper display and a blinging chrome finish.

41 comments May 10th, 2010

Samsung Messenger (Omnia Pro) Unboxing

Here’s the Samsung Messenger aka the Omnia Pro.

It’s a WinMo 6.5 non touchscreen device with a QWERTY keyboard. It has a square 320×320 display so you can view 12 icons at once instead of the usual 8. It also has a 528Mhz processor, 170MB of RAM, ~300MB of storage, MicroSDHC card slot, 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi and BT.

The screen is taller than most non touchscreen WinMo devices and the keyboard is very good.

It’s aimed at business users; it has no 3.5mm headphone jack and there’s no camera flash.

That said I don’t really recommend anyone buy a WinMo 6.5 device and with WinMo 7 around the corner it’s hard to recommend this device to anyone. That said the price is competitive ($0 introductory price on Bell on a 3 year) plus if you need a WinMo phone for work and don’t want a touchscreen then you should consider this one.

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Samsung Link RE*Generation

Get the Limited Edition RE*Generation Samsung Link and $10 will be donated to the movement to get young people off the streets and back on their feet. Get linked in from no matter where you are with the Samsung Link QWERTY Phone. Use the large, 4-line full QWERTY keyboard to fire away texts and instant messages at rocket speed. Stay on top of things and check up to 5 personal email accounts on the go with Virgin Mobile email and see if you’ve been poked with the one-touch Facebook® button. Plus you can snap pics with the 1.3 megapixel camera and connect wirelessly with stereo Bluetooth® 2.0.

The Samsung Link is currently priced at $130 on a 30 day term, $60 on prepaid, and $0 on a 2 year term.  Buy and activate your Samsung Link before May 16th and receive a $30 activation credit, new accounts only.

The RE*Generation version of the Samsung Link is in-transit to a retail location near you.  In the meantime you can buy online or through customer care (1-888-999-2321).


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U.S. Cellular Releases Samsung Stride

U.S. Cellular has released the Samsung R330 (Stride).  This basic CDMA flip features 1.3MP camera, battery, travel charger, and stereo headset.  The Stride is $39.95 on prepaid or $29.95 on a 2 year term.  I think this phone would be better priced if it was free on a 2 year term as a $10 discount over 2 years is not very much.

The Samsung Stride is the perfect choice for life on easy street. Featuring sleek, stylish flip functionality, a large keypad, a built-in camera and Bluetooth® capabilities, this phone is a dependable traveling companion. Thanks to its effortless operation, the Stride is the phone to use when you choose to cruise.

Buy the Samsung Stride R330 online at the U.S. Cellular website or at an authorized retailer today.


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Bell Releases Samsung Messenger

Bell Mobility has released the Samsung Messenger. The Messenger is an HSPA compatible device which features WI-FI, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.5, and a 3.2 MP camera. Current pricing for the full QWERTY device after the device description.

The Samsung Messenger smartphone is the affordable solution to keep you plugged-in and productive while on the go. Stay on top of business and personal emails, and calendar updates while in the field. Browse the Web effortlessly and compose emails, texts, and instant messages easily with the full QWERTY keyboard. View and edit important Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents on the 2.6” high-resolution colour display. Listen to the weather, traffic and news reports with the integrated FM Radio.

The Samsung Messenger smartphone supports advanced navigation, tracking and management services, and has a built in GPS, ensuring you’ll always locate that new client.

no term: $299.95
1 year term: $249.95
2 year term: $149.95
3 year term: $0.00 (voice and data over $45/month)

The Messenger is not available to purchased online at this time, so head over to your Bell Mobility outlet to pick yours today.


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New Android phone at Rogers: The Samsung Galaxy Spica

The Samsung Galaxy Spica (it’s pronounced speak-ah (I hope Samsung  doesn’t try to sell this one in Mexico)).

It’s similar to the Samsung Galaxy I reviewed a while back but it adds a 800Mhz Samsung processor (up from a 528Mhz Qualcomm) plus if I remember correctly the Spica will get a Android 2.1 upgrade eventually. The Spica lacks the original Galaxy’s 5 megapixel camera and has 2GB instead of 8GB of built in memory.

It’s 79.99 on a 3 year voice and data plan.

2 comments March 9th, 2010

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