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Koodo Mobile is Live!

Koodo Mobile has been launched! Koodo has three ‘ready made’ plans or you can build your own.


Talk & Text Combo $25/month
Unlimited Text Messaging
Up to 100 Anytime Minutes
7pm Evenings & Weekends

Five Essentials Combo $30/month
Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Messaging to 5 Numbers
Up to 100 Anytime Minutes
Up to 50 Text Messages
7pm Evenings & Weekends

All You Need Combo $65/month
Unlimited Incoming Calls
Up to 1000 Anytime Minutes
Up to 50 Text Messages
7pm Evenings & Weekends

all combos include Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Conference Calling and Per-Second Billing

Head over the Koodo Mobile site to learn more at or check out the Koodo Forum on HowardForums.



4 comments March 18th, 2008

Koodo Mobile

Canada’s newest cellphone service provider is on track for a launch on March 17. Koodo Mobile with a tag line of “Good Call” will be a CDMA MVNO of Telus Mobility. According to MobileSyrup Koodo Mobile features per second billing, cheap monthly plans (starting at $15/month), and no “chubby” contracts. HowardForums member ‘celltarded’ saw three Koodo Mobile phones on display at a local Wal-Mart.

From the pictures I identified two of the phones and their prices.

Samsung u410 $74.XX
Motorola w385 $124.38

Stay tuned for a follow up article once Koodo Mobile officially launches.


4 comments March 16th, 2008

Voce Premium Wireless

Voce Wireless, a MVNO of AT&T, has apparently shut down. Customers of the premium provider have reported zero service and being doubled billed for service.

A now unemployed Voce employee posted the following information on Voce Class Action.

First things first, to port out of the “Voce Hybrid” network, you should provide the following information:Carrier name: Voce Wholesale
Bill address: 27599 Riverview Center Blvd. Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Account number: 90210000
PIN (if requested): Not applicable

(We heard from the carrier that the ports were delayed yesterday due to volume, but numbers are being released.)

Regarding the double bills, it is best to contact your credit card company immediately and request a charge back, as it is rumored that the new owners charged cards for service to be provided in February.

Finally, a quick update on what has transpired: Voce was purchased in early January by SunCal Midwest, LLC, represented by Anthony Roselli, Brian Richards and Tom Malanca. The intent of the purchase was for SunCal Midwest to maintain and grow the core Voce business, using its connections with enterprise customers. The new owners have thus far failed to meet their end of the deal, including paying employees and vendors. The prior management of Voce resigned or was shut out by the new owners after the sale. We direct all questions to the current CEO/President of Voce, Brian Richards. He can be reached at

We are deeply disappointed and sorry for your inconveniences.

Head over to Voce Class Action for further information.


Add comment February 2nd, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

XE Mobile, a MVNO of AT&T Mobility, has announced they are “ceasing operations” as of December 31, 2007. The following message is posted on the company website.

It is with great regret that we must inform you that XE Mobile will be ceasing operations at the end of this year.
Phone service will be terminated and all account balances will expire on December 31st, 2007.
We thank you fo your continued support.

The XE Mobile Team

For more information on how to keep your mobile number and balance dial 611 and choose option 9 from your XE Phone or call 866-994-3893

XE Mobile was launched in April 2006 and was funded by Triple Five. Fast forward about one year to May 2007-Triple Five (555) decided to pull funding to the MVNO. Without the funding of 555 XE was forced to end call center and network support service early October 2007. Without funding and no customer support XE Mobile had no option put to cease operations.

source: Cell Phone Digest


Add comment December 15th, 2007

Contracts Coming to Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Canada is introducing contracted plans early 2008! No details in terms of price and length of agreement has yet been announced by Virgin, but one details are released they will be posted here. Virgin Mobile currently has a contract pre registration form on their website which you can enter you e-mail address and when contracts are launched you will be notified.

Register now, because if you are one of the first 500 individuals to sign a contract you will win unlimited texting for a year! Virgin Mobile is also offering one lucky customer $10,000 in Virgin Mobile Canada services for life!

What are you waiting for? Head over to Virgin Mobile Canada and sign up NOW!

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Apple to Bid on Wireless Spectrum

According to a BusinessWeek article CEO of Apple has considered bidding on an wireless spectrum being auctioned by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). If Apple does win the bid, the popular electronics company will mostly likely sell their popular iPhone which was released earlier this year. Apple would also be able to provide both voice and data services along their network. As AT&T has the exclusive rights to the iPhone until 2009 it could mean Apple releasing the iPhone 2 it they do become a wireless carrier.

Mercury News


9 comments September 16th, 2007

One Million iPhones sold!


Originally Apple was aiming for the beginning of October to reach this milestone, but Sunday marked the one millionth iPhone to be sold! It has also been less than one week since Steve Jobs announced the $200 price drop of 8GB model and the discontinuation of the 4GB model.

In response to the ‘AT&T Employess finally get iPhone discount‘ article that suggests Apple and AT&T lowers the price tag everyone…they must be listening!

Associated Press



4 comments September 10th, 2007

AT&T Employees finally get iPhone discount


Finally after the long wait, AT&T is offering their employees a small discount on the Apple iPhone. Employees are now able to get a whopping 10% off their iPhone’s $499/$599 price tag. A slightly lower price tag would be nice for everyone… in case AT&T/Apple is listening as well.

Source: Gizmodo

7 comments August 18th, 2007

Sprint to launch hot new devices by years end

Sprint is getting set to launch some hot new devices such as a new tiny Palm Treo (Treo 800) featuring Palm OS and a totally new design. Also Sprint will be getting a new HTC smartphone which will be similar to the HTC Touch and should sport Windows Mobile 6, 2 megapixel camera and HTC’s special touchscreen software. Last but not least will be RIM’s BlackBerry Pearl 2 in a CDMA format which is sure to be a hot seller. Other handsets Sprint will see include a new small Sanyo and a more updated LG enV.

Source: GearLog

Add comment August 18th, 2007

Motorola announces RAZR 2 coming to major carriers in USA

Motorola RAZR 2

Motorola has announced their latest addition to the RAZR lineup, the RAZR 2 is getting ready to launch on major carriers in the United States such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Alltel and US Cellular.

“The Motorola RAZR2 delivers the sharpest mobile experiences available – and customers of every national carrier in the U.S can now own one,” said Stu Reed, Executive Vice President, Motorola, Inc. and President, Mobile Devices Business. “With smart features available such as blazing-fast 3G wireless broadband, and modern style that’s slimmer and stronger than the original, the Motorola RAZR2 is the ultimate iconic feature phone.”

For more details on the RAZR 2 visit

26 comments August 12th, 2007

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