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Samsung to launch the Omnia i910 on Telus and Bell

Right now I’m at a Samsung event at a Microsoft event in downtown Toronto.

It’s the Canadian launch of the Omnia i910 for Telus and Bell.

The Omnia is a Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 device with a 8GB of built in memory + up to 16GB of removable memory, Rev A, 5 megapixel autofocus camera, 240×400 display with haptic feedback, Opera web browser, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi.

What sets the Omnia apart from other WinMo decices is it’s home screen which has widgets. It’s also fairly compact at 112 x 56.9 x 12.5mm and 125g.

Launch date is ‘early April’

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LG Neon-Fido

Rogers launched the LG Neon two weeks ago and now Fido has done the same.


The Neon allows you to keep in touch through SMS, MMS, and instant messaging (WLM or Y!M).  A 2.0 MP is on the back side of the touch screen, which can only be used for dialing.  Bluetooth, a built in MP3 player, and FM radio round out this QWERTY phone.

Fido pricing for the LG Neon:
$50-2 year
$175-no contract

Buy online or at any Fido retail store.


6 comments March 19th, 2009

BlackBerry 99xx


Could this be the BlackBerry 99xx (Pluto), Research in Motions’s fully QWERTY keyboard with SurePress display?  CrackBerry has received a “leaked” photo of the device with a target launch date of late 2009 on Rogers Wireless.

I call fake-what do you think?

Source: CrackBerry


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Kyocera JAX-Virgin Mobile


Virgin Mobile USA is getting ready to launch a very basic bar phone-the Kyocera JAX.  No pricing is available on the Virgin Mobile website but BestBuy is currently selling the JAX for $9.99.

Source: HowardForums


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BlackBerry Flip-Telus

Telus Mobility has finally launched the BlackBerry Pearl Flip.


As you can see pricing is as follows:
$49.99-3 year with voice and data
$249.99-3 year term
$299.99-2 year term
$399.99-1 year term
$449.99-no term

Check out the features of the BlackBerry Flip and purchase on the Telus website.


4 comments March 10th, 2009

Samsung r211

Cricket, an US CDMA Provider, has launched the Samsung r211.


Introducing the new Samsung R211! This stylish phone is full of what you need to stay connected and for a price that doesn’t break the bank. With the R211 you can access Mobile Web to browse online and download ringtones and graphics to customize your profile. Play the latest games and download applications with Cricket Games&Apps. The Contact Directory is so robust, you can actually save multiple entries for up to 500 contacts. Treat yourself to the new Samsung R211 – you can’t afford not to!

The basic bar phone costs $69.00 after a $20 web discount.  Head over to Cricket to learn more.

Source: EngadgetMobile


1 comment March 8th, 2009

Palm Treo Pro-Alltel

Alltel Wireless has launched the Palm Treo Pro.  Just like Bell’s Treo Pro it features a 2.0 MP camera, touch LCD screen, Bluetooth, chat style text messaging, and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional with Windows Media Player.

$519.99 (retail price)
-$195.00 (online discount)
-$125.00 (mail in rebate)
$199.99 (sale price)


Now you can respond to business and personal email, stay on top of appointments and contacts, and use Wi-Fi or GPS when you’re out and about. Thanks to Palm shortcuts, a full keyboard and a large color touchscreen, the Treo Pro is simply effortless to use.

Source: Boy Genius Report


1 comment March 6th, 2009

LG Neon

Wow-look at Rogers go!  The LG Neon is Rogers’ third device to be launched in the past 24 hours.  Like the Samsung Gravity and the Samsung Propel the TE365 is avaliable in both grey and pink.

Much like the Gravity and Propel the Neon features a slide out qwerty keyboard.  The Neon allows you to keep in touch through SMS, MMS, and instant messaging (WLM or Y!M).  A 2.0 MP is on the back side of the touch screen, which can only be used for dialing.  Bluetooth, a built in MP3 player, and FM radio round out this basic phone.


Pricing for the LG Neon (TE365):
3 year term: $79.99 – $50 (instant rebate) = $29.99
2 year term: $79.99
1 year term: $149.99
monthly term: $199.99

Head over to Rogers website to learn more on the grey or pink LG Neon.


16 comments March 5th, 2009

Samsung Propel

Rogers has added another Samsung qwerty phone to its lineup.  The Samsung Propel is now available in two color combinations: blue/black and red/white.  The Propel feature a full qwerty keyboard, 1.3 MP camera, WLM and Y!M instant messaging, and Bluetooth.


The Samsung Propel will set you back:
3 year: $99.99 – $50.00 (instant rebate) = $49.99
2 year: $99.99
1 year: $199.99
monthly: $249.99

Head over to Rogers to learn more or to purchase the device.

Blue/Black Samsung Propel
Red/White Samsung Propel


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Samsung Gravity

Rogers Communication Inc. has added the Samsung Gravity to its device lineup.


As you can see both the t456 is available in either white or grey. Feature wise you are looking at a slide out qwerty keyboard,1.3 MP camera, Rogers MobileMail email client, expandable memory up to 4GB, and support for either WLM or Y!M instant messaging clients.

Pricing for the Samsung Gravity (t456):
3 year term: $79.99-$50.00 (instant consumer rebate)=$29.99
2 year term: $79.99
1 year term: $149.99
no term: $199.99

Head over to the Rogers’ website to learn more or to purchase.
Samsung Gravity Grey
Samsung Gravity White


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