Official Mobilicity Plans

Well, they are official.  Below are the six price plans that Mobilicity will be offering at launch tomorrow, 10 am EST.

Plan add-ons

Unlimited East Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Vietnam) and South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) long distance are both $20/month per region.
Phone Protection Plan $7/month
BlackBerry Internet Service is $20/month and will give you unlimited browsing, BlackBerry messenger, and e-mail

Unlimited internet access on your desktop or laptop is $40/month and requires the purchase of a stick.


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Virgin USA Goes Beyond Talk

Virgin Mobile USA has refreshed prepaid offerings with the launch their new “Beyond Talk” plans.

There are free rate plans and all include unlimited text, email, data, and web.  The $25 plan will give you 300 anytime minutes, $40 will give you 4x that amount (1200 anytime), and $60 will net you unlimited voice.

Adding $10 onto your monthly rate plan will allow you to use web based e-mail, BlackBerry Messenger, and access to the BlackBerry App World.  Of course you will need to purchase Virgin Mobile’s Curve 8530 for $300 to take advantage of this add-on.

Check the image below to head over to VMUSA to see the details!


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Sprint Leads the 4G Revolution

Sprint has just announced that it will be releasing the first 4G phone in America, leading the evolution of wireless into 4G technology.  The HTC EVO 4G is now listed on the Sprint website for pre-orders ahead of its June 4th launch.

The HTC EVO 4G is powered by Android and will feature a 4.3″ screen, dual cameras (8.0MP primary/1.3MP secondary), WIFI and of course 4G download speeds which are 10 times faster than 3G.  The EVO 4G is currently priced at $199 after a $100 mail in rebate.

Pre-order your HTC online from Sprint today.


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More Mobilicity News

Mobilicity is getting ready to announce their service details this Friday, May 14th.  A press release issued today states the following:

The new wireless carrier is gearing up for its debut launch in Toronto and will introduce its unique business model that will offer Canadian consumers industry-leading, unlimited plans, unbeatable value and uncomplicated wireless – without contracts or credit checks. 

HowardForums user “ron6400” was able to snap this picture of a Mobilicity kiosk at a local supermarket.

Judging by the photo we are expecting Mobilicity to offer four devices at launch.  Sifting through the rumours it looks like Mobilicity will launch with the BlackBerry 9700, Nokia 5230, Sony Ercisson TM506, and Huawei U7519.  It would also make sense for Mobility to launch a USB internet stick such as the Huawei E181.

Check back Friday after 11am EST for official details.


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Rogers Releases Samsung Messenger

Although the Samsung Messenger is currently listed on the Rogers website the full QWERTY device is currently out of stock.  The messenger should be arrive at your local Rogers retail location in the coming days.

The Samsung Messenger ensures you stay productive wherever you are. This Windows Mobile is perfect for the mobile professional looking to keep connected to emails, edit documents and manage your calendar. It comes loaded with a 3.2 MP camera, GPS and Wi-Fi and 3G speeds.

When the Samsung Messenger is available in retail location and online it will set you back:

$49.99-3 year term (select plans)
$299.99-2 year term
$349.99-1 year term
$399.99-no term

Follow the “more” link for two enlarged photos of the Samsung Messenger.


Add comment May 12, 2010

Mobilicity to Offer Unlimited for $65?

New carrier, Mobilicity, is getting ready to launch service in the competitive Canadian wireless market.  Mobilicity has been silent about rate plans and devices, but a possible slip in a CTV article may be the start of future leaks.

With launch of the wireless startup predicted to be early June, a source close to the company told CTV News that “a cornerstone of the company’s offensive will be an aggressively priced unlimited talk, text, long-distance and data package for $65.“  Assuming Mobilicity will use the concept of Home and Away Zones like WIND Mobile does, users will have to pay for addition usage outside of Mobilicity’s coverage area.

WIND Mobile is also offering unlimited rate plans but with a slightly higher price tag.  Unlimited voice, data (soft capped at 5GB), and texting will set back $80/month but includes voicemail and caller id.  Assuming Mobilicity will charge an extra $5 for voicemail, customers will be looking at a cost savings of $10/month ($120/year) when compared to WIND’s unlimited plans.

Looks like there is competition between the new entrants, now we just need the existing carriers in Canada to react.  Discuss the leak in the comment section below or on HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource.


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Rogers iPad Data Plans

You can now pre-order your iPad on the Apple website in advance of the Canadian launch of May 28th.  Although the iPad 3G will be compatible with all three major Canadian carrier (Rogers, Bell, and Telus) Rogers is the only one to officially announce data pricing.

Earlier today the Apple website did mention a $20 option that would allow you share your existing data plan with the iPad, but that reference has since been removed.


2 comments May 10, 2010

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S

I recently had a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy S. It’s most noticeable feature is it’s amazing Super AMOLED display. It’s hands down the best display I have ever seen on a phone. I used to think the AMOLED display on my Nexus One was good and the SE X10a had a decent LCD. The SE10a looks really washed out compared to the Galaxy S, same with the Nexus One to a lesser degree. Compared to the Nexus one the Galaxy S’ display is quite usable in bright sunlight and it’s a lot less reflective.

Other things I noticed were that the Galaxy S’ 1Ghz processor (it’s NOT a 1Ghz Snapdragon, apparently it’s quite similar to the processor in the iPad and upcoming iPhone 4G) is very snappy. While I didn’t use the Galaxy S long it did feel much more snappy than my SE X10a and Google N1 both of which have 1Ghz Snapdragons.

The camera has 5mp of resolution but it can also capture high def (720p) video. Watch the video in high definition on YouTube. The video quality was okay.

The Galaxy S has Samsung’s Android customizations including some extra Samsung Widgets plus the bottom row of icons persists throughout the main menu (like the iPhone) which is useful since I don’t’ like hunting for the phone app on my N1 and X10a. There will be some social networking app from Samsung also but it wasn’t loaded onto the Galaxy S I tested.

All in all I can’t wait for the Galaxy S to be released. I will definitely getting one.

33 comments May 10, 2010

Hands on with Samsung’s Bada Smartphone operating system

Here’s Samsung’s Bada smartphone operating system. You’re probably asking yourself what the point of another smartphone operating system is. The way I see it it’s basically Samsung’s way of paying less royalties so that they can sell Bada phones cheaper than Windows Phone 7, Android, etc phones. It’s also a necessary as Samsung adds  features to their feature phones (dumb phones). Basically the dumb phone is getting smarter.

The Wave is actually a midrange phone, check out it’s nice OLED display. It also has a 1Ghz processor and a 5 megapixel camera.

Here are some of my Bada impressions: The Wave is fast! I’m not sure how Bada will run on slower processors but on the Wave it’s really really responsive. I was impressed with the social networking integration; instead of just having a separate program handling it social networking Bada can sync your phonebook and calendar with Facebook for example. The browser supports multiple windows and renders pages quickly. It also has multitouch support.

Anyways it looks like Samsung will helping lower the price point for those who want a smartphone in the future but can’t afford one.

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Samsung i5801 hands on

Here’s the Samsung i5801. It’s a very entry level Android 2.1 powered phone. Unlike the Galaxy, Galaxy Spic, Galaxy S the i5801 has a 240×400 (I think) multitouch display. There’s not a lot of built in storage (around 300MB) but you can use MicroSDHC cards. Apparently it might have Bluetooth 3.0, it also has wifi, gps, etc. You also get a 3mp camera with a qvga (320×240) video recording. Really it’s a regular Android phone with a cheaper display and a blinging chrome finish.

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